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  • Jenny | email
    Weekdays 2 pm - 6 pm ET
    Saturdays 1 pm - 6 pm ET
    Jenny is a professional music nerd. As a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, she has profiled pop tarts, rock stars and indie icons, from Britney and Mariah to Dave Matthews Band and Motley Crue to Sleigh Bells and Arctic Monkeys. She's been indulging her obsession with new music on-air at SiriusXM since 2006. Find her on Twitter @jennylsq

  • Josiah
    Saturdays 6 pm - 12 am ET
    Sundays 4 pm - 9 pm ET
    Josiah is a passionate concert violinist of 20 years who's performed with many DC-based ensembles. He's also a refugee from Hot 100 radio, rescued in 2000 by Radiohead's Kid A. And when the sun goes down, the tunes get weird. Listen to him alternate between chilling out and freaking out.

  • Julia | email
    Weekdays 7 pm - 12 am ET
    Originally from Indiana, Julia can now be found wandering the Lower East Side, East Village and Brooklyn in search of a good live show. She works behind the scenes for the channel on the award-winning Blog Radio and Sirius XMU Sessions. Find her on Twitter @juliasiriusxmu

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