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  • The Agenda with Ari Rabin-Havt Weekdays 6 am ETDrawing on more than a decade of knowledge Ari Rabin-Havt leads the morning conversation - setting the progressive agenda with political insiders, policymakers, elected officials, and other influential guests. They discuss the news, debate the issues, and inspire action that moves the country forward. Twitter @AriRabinHavt and @AgendaSXM

  • The Stephanie Miller Show Weekdays 9 am ETWith her background in stand-up comedy, political satire, even late night TV, Miller proudly takes on the right-wing in an enlightening and hysterical way.

  • The Ed Schultz Show Weekdays 12 pm ETEd Schultz goes toe-to-toe with conservatives while injecting common sense, intelligence and humor. Ed energizes the debate with razor-sharp views on life, politics and people in America. Join the show by calling 1-877-WE-GOT-ED.

  • Michelangelo Signorile Show Weekdays 3 pm ETColumnist, author and editor-at-large of Huffington Post Gay Voices, Michelangelo Signorile fearlessly takes on the right wing, the media and the bigots with hard-hitting talk. Michelangelo sits down with the big names - authors, newsmakers, and icons from pop culture to politics - while breaking down all the stories of the day. This is must-hear-radio.

  • Make it Plain with Mark Thompson Weekdays 6 pm ET

    "Make It Plain," hosted by Mark Thompson, is a political, human rights and breaking news program, with a little entertainment and sports mixed in. Contact @MakeItPlain or

  • The Thom Hartmann Show Weekdays 9 pm ET
    LIVE on Progress Plus Weekdays 3 pm ET
    Thom Hartmann's progressive approach uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the "con" in conservative. Thom takes on pop culture, enthusiastically promotes democracy, and helps listeners make sense of the news. Call Thom at 866-987-THOM (866-987-8466).

  • The Mike Malloy Show Tuesdays - Saturdays 12 am ET
    LIVE on Progress Plus Weekdays 9 pm ET
    Mike Malloy is a traditional Democrat – working to return the party to its historic liberal roots. Spend your evenings with Mike Malloy and feel the fire from the left. Call Mike at 1-800-989-1480.

  • The Bill Press Show on SiriusXM Progress Plus Weekdays Progress Plus 6 am ETBill Press – former co-host of CNN’s "Crossfire" – brings his agenda to SiriusXM for a “liberal way” to start your day. Bill keeps the right wing in check, tells it like it is, and tackles all the hot issues with powerful guests from Capitol Hill and beyond. Call in during the show at 1-866-55-PRESS.

  • Media Matters Radio Saturdays 10 am ET & Sundays 4 pm ETEach week Media Matters Radio will systematically analyze a cross section of print, broadcast, cable, radio, and Internet media outlets for “conservative misinformation” and alert listeners to take action.  Visit Media Matters for more information.

  • Dave Marsh Live from the Land of Hopes and Dreams Sundays 1 pm ETDave Marsh goes “farther” to the left… with the principles that leftist Americans believe in most intensely. His thoughtful, compelling views represent more than just hope. Call Dave at 866-99-SIRIUS.

  • Left Jab Sundays 7 pm ETJoin entrepreneurs Mark Walsh and Jonathan Aberman for a look at how thinking liberally can stimulate innovation and spark economic growth. You'll also meet up with Dave Zirin at the intersection of Sports and Politics, and you'll hear Dave Goodfriend sing the virtues of Progressivism in the world of business.

  • Ari Rabin-HavtAri Rabin-Havt is host of The Agenda, a national morning radio program on SiriusXM Progress 127. He is also a senior fellow at Media Matters and was on the faculty of the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. He is co-author of "The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine" and has served as an adviser to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Al Gore and John Kerry's presidential campaign.

  • Stephanie MillerBuffalo-native Miller wanted to be Carol Burnett as a child, but landed a stint on "Hot 97" in her hometown and now her fresh voice and political satire have led her to appear on Good Morning America, The Today Show, the Tonight Show, Larry King Live, The O'Reilly Factor, and many others.

  • Ed SchultzAs radio's top-rated progressive talker, Ed Schultz is a breakthrough talent in an industry dominated by conservative voices. His syndicated radio program reaches a weekly audience of more than three million listeners on 100 stations. Schultz has won several prestigious journalism awards.

  • Michelangelo SignorileMichelangelo Signorile is Editor-at-large of Huffington Post Gay Voices. He is an author, journalist and commentator, and the host of "The Michelangelo Signorile Show." Signorile has been profiled by CBS' "60 Minutes," and has appeared on "Today," "Good Morning America" and other shows. He has also appeared in many film and television documentaries, including Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick's 2009 documentary, "Outrage" which profiled his work.

  • Mark Thompson

    Mark Thompson was honored at the 104th Annual NAACP Convention in July 2013 “for 25 years of crusading journalism and outstanding leadership in furthering the work of civil and human rights.” He has organized and emceed most of the national civil and human rights events and demonstrations over the past two decades, and brought exclusive political coverage to his audience from an activist point of view. As an anti-apartheid activist, he received the name, "Matsimela Mapfumo," when he broadcast from South Africa's first democratic elections in 1994. The newsmakers, politicos, celebrities and athletes of the hour alike are most likely to be found on MIP.

  • Thom HartmannThom Hartmann is a three-time Project Censored Award-Winning New York Times bestselling author and former psychotherapist. He studies the history and analysis of the US Constitution, electronic voting fraud and environmental issues such as global warming, and ADD and ADHD.

  • Mike MalloyWriting for CNN in 1987, a friend in Atlanta told Malloy there was an opening for a talk show host on the weekends. He gave it a try and found a home. He's also been a columnist and editor, rock concert producer and actor. Mike is working to return the Democratic Party to its historic liberal roots.

  • Bill PressMajor-market radio personality Bill Press keeps the right wing in check and tackles all the hot issues with prominent guests from Capitol Hill and beyond.

  • Mike Feder

    Regular listeners to my show will have noticed that my last few shows were replays—  At least I hope they noticed!

    That’s because about four weeks ago I had to have serious emergency surgery.  …So, for health reasons, I’ve decided to take a break from broadcasting. I wanted to tell you this in my own voice, but right now that voice seems to be on vacation someplace, so the best I can do is write this up and ask someone at Sirius XM to read it for me. 

    Taking a sudden hiatus from radio was not my intention, but—in my old age—I’ve begun to notice that not every choice is up to me.

    So, then—let me take a moment here to gratefully thank all the thousands of listeners and callers who have made the Mike Feder show a weekly stop on their radio schedule.

    Really, what’s the point of doing all the reading, interviewing and sermonizing if you don’t have a good, solid group of listeners to hear what you’re saying? (I will even miss the gun nuts and creationists—and I’m betting they’ll miss me, too).

    It’s been a great run here on Sirius XM and though I’ve grumbled from time to time I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to do it.

    Please check my website,, from time to time, to see what I’ll be up to down the line (new books and essays I’ll be writing, book reviews, radio shows and various other projects I have in mind.

    You can also go to federfiles to contact me and join my mailing list.

    Thanks again, it has been an honor and privilege speaking to you and with you.


  • Dave MarshAt the intersection of music and politics, legendary Rock critic Dave Marsh began writing professionally for Creem in the late Sixties, was the record editor at Rolling Stone in the Seventies, and in 1983 founded Rock & Roll Confidential.

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