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  • SiriusXM Pops with Martin Goldsmith Monday - Friday 12 - 6 pm ET
    Saturday and Sunday 6am - 12pm ET
    Late afternoons and evenings are filled with more of your classical favorites with Martin Goldsmith.

  • Pops on Film Fridays 9 - 10pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Sundays 5 - 6pm ET
    Classic film scores from the Golden Age of Hollywood, mixed with the current classics from the new generation of film composers. Vincent Caruso is your host and expert guide through music’s best moments on screen, including movies opening this weekend.

  • Boundaries Saturdays 7 - 8pm ET
    Rebroacasts Sundays 11 pm - midnight ET
    Call it alternative classical, classical crossover or "not very classical at all" -- host Paul Bachmann brings you an always-interesting blend of artists like, David Garrett, Il Divo, Izzy, Paul McCartney and Christopher O’Riley, along with classical arrangements of other genres such as jazz and rock. It's open-minded classical music for everyone.

  • Vincent Caruso | email
    Monday - Thursday 12pm - 6pm ET
    Fridays 9 - 10pm ET
    Saturday 6pm - midnight ET
    Sundays 5 - 6pm ET and 6pm - 11pm ET
    Vincent has been relating classical music to everyday life for Satellite Radio listeners as well as commercial and public radio audiences for over 20 years. It all started when he was a boy and built a crystal radio that let him speak out of his family’s kitchen radio. He’s also narrated audio books and recorded voiceovers for a variety of commercial and industrial clients. When he is not researching for his shows, he’s enjoying his family, nature, the water, the wonders of music, and lots of books.

  • Martin Goldsmith | email
    Monday - Thursday 6pm - midnight ET and Friday 12pm - 6pm ET
    Saturday and Sunday 6am - 12pm ET
    Former host of the nationally syndicated Performance Today, Martin sees classical music as "an exciting and moving expression of what's best about humanity." He’s author of The Inextinguishable Symphony about his parents' experience in an all-Jewish orchestra in Nazi Germany and The Beatles Come to America. He’s working on a new book that follows his grandfather’s and uncle’s voyage on the infamous Jewish refugee ship St. Louis and their unhappy odyssey through a series of French concentration camps to their murder at Auschwitz.

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