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  • Playing Favorites Mondays 6 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Tuesdays 9 pm, Thursdays 9 am, & Saturdays 3 pm ET
    Each week, a guest celebrity host plays their favorite music from Frank Sinatra and other artists who celebrate the Great American Songbook, sharing with you what it is that makes these songs so special.

  • Nancy For Frank Sundays 5 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Tuesdays 3 pm & Thursdays 9 pm ET
    Nancy Sinatra treats listeners to her favorite recordings by her dad and other artists from the songbook that helped make Frank the greatest vocalist of all time. She also shares rare recordings from the family archives and offers reflections on her life with Frank and observations about his music. To communicate with Nancy and Sinatra fans from around the world, visit

  • Third Generation with A.J. Lambert Last Friday of Every Month at 10 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts the Following Wednesday at 10 pm ET
    Frank's granddaughter A.J. Lambert hosts this monthly show on Siriusly Sinatra, playing some of her favorites by Frank and contemporary music from her own eclectic collection.

  • Nancy Sinatra | email
    Tuesdays 3 pm - 6 pm ET
    Thursdays 9 pm - 12 am ET
    Sundays 5 pm - 8 pm ET
    In her 50-year career, Nancy Sinatra has sold millions of albums and scored 23 charts hits. She is an icon of music and style, with some of her songs being icons as well. She continues to record and release music today, while also pursuing her ongoing support of veterans and human rights issues.

  • AJ Lambert
    Last Friday of Every Month 10 pm - 11 pm ET
    Following Wednesday 10 pm - 11 pm ET
    A.J. Lambert is Frank's granddaughter and hosts a monthly show on Siriusly Sinatra. On every episode, she’ll play some of her favorites by Frank as well as contemporary music from her eclectic music collection.

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