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  • Good Morning Korea Daily 7:15 am ETA famous Actor, Park Chul talks about current affairs and news in an entertaining way.  With guest news reporters and experts, he'll cover a variety of social issues in depth.

  • Park Eun Kyung’s Music Salon Daily 10 am - 12 pm ETStart your morning fresh with Music Salon!!  Former comedian/ famous DJ/PD, Park Eun Kyung shares stories and anecdotes with listeners and plays requested songs.  Tune into funny life stories, weather, and current affaris.

  • Happy Time Daily 12:30 - 2 pm ETHave a happy time with DJ Comedian Park June Hyung. Comedian Jun Hyung will bring you lots of laughter with his funny stories and jokes.

  • Moon Jung Jin’ Music Café Daily 2 pm ETA well-known reporter/announcer, DJ Moon Jung Jin will light up your day with fun and exciting hit songs from 70’s K-pop to new K-pop songs.  She talks about current issues and shares the story of listeners’ life experiences and memories about living in America..

  • Midday Date Daily 4 pm - 5:30 pm ETEnjoy our date partner, veteran DJ Ban Sung Won about nothing but hot issues.  A fun and fresh date with an array of topics, news and good music!

  • M 2 M’s Night World Daily 11 pm - 1 am ETDJ and M2M band member Jung Hwan mixes personal advice with the top K-pop music from the 80s to today for listeners.

  • Park Chul Park Chul is a famous actor, movie star and radio disc jockey.  He was named as a ‘Radio President’, and his show has become the highest-rated program of KBS radio and Kyung-Gi radio broadcaster.  He is known for his great sense of humor and punning.

  • Jung Hwan Jung Hwan is a member of a famous K-pop boy band, M2M.  He has more than 5,000 fan cafes and websites and 50K twitter followers.

  • Park Eun KyungPark Eun Kyung is a famous MBC comedian, KBS MC, and EBS program host.  She has about 10 years of host experience for a variety of Korean TV and radio programs in New York

  • Park June Hyung Park June Hyung is the current King of Comedian in Korea. He has created lots of ‘buzzwords’ and is great with punning and making jokes. He now owns his own agency to manage and train comedians.

  • Moon Jung Jin Moon Jung Jin is a famous MBC, KBS reporter, KFM announcer, radio producer and disc jockey for 10 years in Korea.  Her show plays listener’s personal messages about their lives along with music from 70’s k-pop to new k-pop.

  • Yoon Sang Korean singer, songwriter and producer Yoon Sang plays K-pop, American pop, and ‘80s K-Pop and American songs.

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