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  • Kella | emailGet down with your bad self on Iceberg 85! Hey, this is Kella and I share your love for Rock and Roll and everything that moves us! I've spent 10 years talking up a storm all over Ontario, Canada and while living in Taipei, Taiwan in 2006 I had my own show on the "Only English Radio Station" on the Island! I'm a travel freak too...23 countries and still collecting...fav's include Mexico, Spain, Czeck Republic, Indonesia and Vietnam! Let me know what rocks your world!

  • George Christie | emailGeorge Christie's passion for music was discovered very early when he crawled up onto a bench and began to play (by ear) the pieces his older brother and sister were learning for their piano lessons. Streaming through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto Canada, he was hired to play on his first record by age 16. He later became a fixture on the Canadian rock touring circuit, where he was notorious for his passionate playing, aggressive soloing and zany stage antics (including performing flying leaps into the audience with keyboards attached!)

    He then moved into music production, writing and artist development. His passion for Canadian artists led him to Canadian radio and Iceberg 85 to become producer of the programming heard on the station.

    His favorite activity is the front-line interaction with the artists and audience!

  • Steve Anthony | emailVoted in as the forty-second president of the United States, but immediately rescinded as he is a Canadian citizen, Steve Anthony was born in Montreal, Canada, on April 2, 1959. In 25 years, Anthony's accomplishments are too numerous to mention, so most won't be mentioned here.

    Anthony is currently the national and imaging voice for three (3) Canadian television networks, runs a popular "Drive" shift at MIX 99.9 in Toronto, and can be heard weekends on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 85 Iceberg Radio.

  • Phil Curran | email"You've got that good face for radio." Not sure exactly how to take that, Phil Curran decided to give radio a shot after winning a "D.J. for a day" contest at CHUM FM in Toronto. So after giving away all his suits, Phil embarked on a successful radio career, highlighted with flashes of brilliance. You can feast on the most recent news from your favorite Canadian artists.