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  • Future ‘Honest’ Album Release Party Thurs 4/24 9:00 pm ET One of the most-anticipated album of the year finally has a release date. Future’s sophomore album “Honest” is set to drop April 22nd and he will be live in our studio to celebrate it’s release with the entire Nation! The album features an all-star line-up which includes Drake, Kanye West, Pharrell, Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000 and more.

  • DJ Premier: Live From HeadQCourterz | @RealDJPremier Fridays 10 pm ET Gang Starr's producer/DJ takes the stage with his very own show, bringing the streets to the airwaves and playing those hard-to-find joints and special indie artists. It's edgier than your usual hip-hop music.

  • DJ Skee: Live from L.A. | @DJSkee Thursday 10pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Saturday 4am ET
    DJ Skee takes you Live from Los Angeles every Tuesday night as he takes you on a musical journey where the biggest records in the country collide alongside the newest and exclusive Hip Hop music in the streets of California to Texas then off to Atlanta and up to New York and everything in between! DJ Skee’s non-stop mix will energize your Tuesday night and give your ears that fix they crave. Turn it up!

  • DJ Scream: Hoodrich Radio | @DJScream Wednesday 10 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Tuesdays 4 am ET
    Scream has achieved great things since laying his hands on a pair of turntables at the age of 13. From touring the world with many notable southern acts to dominating the mixtape game with his Heavy In The Streets series, Scream has stapled himself to the list of powerhouse DJs.

  • DJ Noodles: Sold Out Saturdays | @DJNoodles Saturdays 10pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Mondays 4am ET

    Every Saturday night Noodles brings you to the hottest party in the Nation, "Sold Out Saturdays". This two hour radio event every week lets you skip the line and settle into your reserved table as Noodles turns up with the biggest hip hop hits and remixes sure to set your Saturday night off right. Check in from the party on your social networks and let us know you are rocking with #NoodlesNation

  • DJ Eclipse: Rap Is Outta Control | @ItsDJEclipse @Torae Sundays 10 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Fridays 4 am ET
    With rap music currently running out of control, you need a mixshow to set you on the proper course. Enter DJ Eclipse & Torae. As far as official hip-hop goes, nobody plays it better than DJ Eclipse. The Fat Beats veteran, former Non Phixion DJ and Rock Steady Crew affiliate balances out the game with the best of both independent and major label music. Torae has been rocking stages and mics for over a decade and keeps the guests on their toes with his line of questioning and humor. In a world where almost anything goes, these guys hold rap to a higher standard.

  • Music Meeting Top 20 Countdown – hosted by DJ Skee | @hiphopnation Saturday 6 pm – 8 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Sunday Midnight - 2 am ET, Sunday 4 pm - 6 pm ET, Wednesday 4 am - 6 am ET
    The People’s Choice, DJ Envy, the definitive voice of the Hip Hop world, navigates you through the 20 of the hottest Hip Hop songs in the country voted by you! To vote on your favorites go to siriusxm.com/HipHopNation and hit the Music Meeting banner, pick your #1 of the week!

  • DJ Envy: Tuesday Night LIVE | @DJEnvy Tuesdays 10pm ET
    Rebroadcast Saturday Midnight ET

    Catch The People’s Choice DJ Envy, as he presents Tuesday Night LIVE. Every week he’s gonna turn it up on the biggest night of the week with your favorite artists, movie stars, tastemakers, athletes, DJ’s, and more. It’s going to be a grown and sexy event.

  • Renada Romain | @RenadaRomain
    Weekdays 6 am - 12 pm ET
    Saturdays 10 am - 3 pm ET
    Why drink coffee, when you can have something sweet in the morning? Get a taste of Ear Candy with Renada Romain every morning on Hip Hop Nation as she serves up a mix of bold topics, music news, celebrity interviews, listener interaction, and hip hop hits; Renada Romain is your morning sweet tooth fix.

  • Nina 9 | @DJNina9
    Weekdays 12 pm - 5 pm ET
    What makes Nina 9 qualified to tote the slang name for a gloc? She earned the name Nina 9 for her love of guns and her passion for Hip Hop music. Catch Nina every weekday afternoon straight shooting and pulling no punches as she brings the best brand of Hip-Hop to your radio.

  • DJ Skee | @DJSkee
    Weekdays 5 pm – 10pm ET
    The World Famous DJ Skee, is in the booth every weekday on Hip-Hop Nation, as he keeps listeners informed with the 411 in hip-hop news, his daily Skeemix, the hottest interviews, and his daily Top 10 HitList of today’s hits.

  • The Sarge & OQ Revue | @SargeandOQ
    Mondays-Thursdays 12 am - 4 am ET
    Rewind the days events with Sgt. Reginald Hawkins ("Sarge") and Orlando Quinones ("OQ") as they hit the hot topics of the day around the Hip Hop Nation head on. Their sense of humor, sarcasm, and criticism is only reserved for After Hours listening. But make sure you put the kids to bed first.. they're on "late night" for a reason!

  • DJ Envy | @DJEnvy
    Weekdays 3 pm - 8 pm ET
    Your weekends are on FIRE with the People’s Choice DJ Envy, the definitive voice of the Hip Hop world, every Saturday and Sunday. He jumps off the show with The People’s Choice Mix at 3pm ET and then he brings you The Music Meeting Top 20 Countdown, giving you the authoritative voice on the latest Hip Hop charts for the week at 6pm ET.

  • Torae | @Torae
    Sundays 10 am - 3pm ET

    Join Torae Sunday mornings as he brings you all your favorite hip hop hits, the latest in entertainment news & gets the biggest guests in the business to "Talk That Talk". Torae will be your tour guide navigating you through Hip Hop Nation every week.

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