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Elvis Live In Concert
On Stage Season

The Global World Premiere of On Stage-Closing Night-February 23, 1970

: Big Jim hosts the very first airing of the incredible FTD double CD package that spotlights the complete opening night concert in January and the final closing night show from February. This is an historic soundboard recordings that was made by Elvis’ sound engineer Bill Porter at the request of Tom Diskin for the Colonel.

Airtime: Friday July 25, 8 pm ET
Rebroadcasts: Sunday July 27, 12 am and 10 pm ET &, Tuesday July 29, 6 am ET

Soundtrack Saturday Night
Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

The first DJ voice you heard on Elvis Radio was that of broadcast veteran Bill Rock, the host of Elvis Memories and Soundtrack Saturday Night heard every weekend at 7pET on Elvis Radio. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Viva Las Vegas movie release, Bill features some of the best songs from Elvis and his favorite co-star Rusy Ammo! Bill will also share YOUR Elvis Memories...call him now at 888-ELVIS NOW (888-358-4766).

Air Time: Saturday July 26, 7 pm ET
Rebroadcasts: Tuesday July 29, 10 pm ET, Thursday July 31, 2 am ET

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  • George Klein | email
    Mondays 8 pm - 12 am ET
    Wednesdays 3 am - 7 am ET
    Fridays 3 pm - 7 pm ET
    Sundays 7 am - 8 am ET
    George Klein has been in radio for nearly 50 years and first became aware of Elvis in school when he was 12 years old – because they were classmates! “He was my best friend,” George recalls. He lists his favorite song as “Don’t Be Cruel," and has had many chances to spin that track over the decades.

  • Argo | email
    Mondays-Thursdays 7 am - 2 pm ET
    Fridays 7 am - 2 pm ET
    Saturdays 7 am - 2 pm ET
    Sundays 8 pm - 9 pm ET
    Argo is a life-long Memphian who wakes the world up with Elvis every morning from the SiriusXM Elvis Radio Studio at Graceland. He's been in radio since he was 16 years old and you can hear in his voice that he loves every minute of it! Argo is also DJ and emcee for the annual Elvis Cruise.

  • Big Jim Sykes | email
    Mondays - Thursdays 2 pm - 8 pm ET, Fridays 2 pm - 3 pm & 7 pm - 8 pm ET
    The Memphis Microphone Man's mother told him about seeing Elvis on the Louisiana Hayride back in 1955. "Mystery Train" is his favorite Elvis song, and the 1956 album Elvis Presley his favorite LP. Big Jim's been working in radio for over 30 years, and also produces and engineers for George Klein.

  • TY | email
    Mondays 12 am - 1 am ET
    Tuesdays 12 am - 1 am ET; 8 pm - 1 am ET
    Wednesdays - Fridays 8 pm - 1 am ET
    In 1957, TY overheard his parents decry, “Elvis is corrupting the youth of America!” He soon embarked on a career in radio and years later, worked for the first and only 24/7 Elvis Channel. TY points out that “If it weren’t for ‘That’s All Right Mama,’ we wouldn’t be here right now!’”

  • Doc Walker | email
    Saturdays 2 pm - 7 pm ET
    Sundays 3 pm - 7 pm ET
    Doc has worked in radio “on and off for 25 years” and of course he's a huge Elvis fan, so getting to play music from The King 24/7 is a huge thrill. “My favorite song right now is an outtake of ‘When It Rains, It Really Pours,’ and my favorite album is Elvis Live At The International from 1969.”

  • Dave Shelby | email
    Sundays 10 am - 3 pm ET
    Dave favors early Elvis, particularly the Sun Records era. “Elvis is about more than music,” he says. “Elvis was a milestone in American culture. His music symbolized the coming age of the baby boom, and set the stage for the rebellion to come in the following decades. He’s also a great Memphian!”

  • Bill Rock | email
    Saturdays 7 pm - 12 am ET
    Bill Rock has been on the radio since the '60s and is a longtime Elvis fan. "When I was nine years old, I asked my mother to buy me 'Heartbreak Hotel.' He was rock 'n' roll's first superstar." Bill was the first DJ heard on Elvis Radio when it launched, and he's been here ever since.

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Elvis Graceland

Elvis' Graceland

Check out all the latest news and events at Graceland – the home of Elvis Presley (and our Elvis Radio studio) – at Graceland.com.