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  • Analysis See schedule for air timeA nine-minute current affairs program providing analysis on one topic per day by a BBC Journalist, giving thorough context for stories and issues in the news. The program is script-led featuring experts and those with first-hand experience on a topic.

  • Assignment See schedule for air timeA weekly current affairs program reporting from locations around the world – examining topical issues from a global perspective, for a global audience. This program is where BBC’s correspondents report first hand and in depth on events shaping our world.

  • Business Daily See schedule for air timeA daily 18-minute business program bringing more context to the big stories in business and economics. It includes interviews with newsmakers, global players and those at the cutting edge of new ideas, plus topics such as technology and innovation, business ethics, the environment and management.

  • Charlie Gillet’s World of Music See schedule for air timeCharlie Gillett uses his unique knowledge to present the best contemporary and classic tracks from across the globe. Whether themed, from location or simply a pick of the best, Charlie provides half an hour of amazing music and background information.

  • Close Up See schedule for air timeA weekly half hour documentary/feature offering an in-depth look at the best of world culture, the program explores new and important creative trends. It also provides insights into art and artists that have stood the test of time with short series and one-off documentaries.

  • Culture Shock See schedule for air timeFrom the next wave of telecommunications to the latest design craze or toy, from new ways to entertain to future behaviors, the program looks at trends in cultural expression from around the world. Tim Marlow hosts a show that is intelligent, lively and thirsty for new knowledge.

  • Digital Planet See schedule for air timeTaking you inside the digital world, the program covers every aspect of digital culture from education, entertainment and business, to consumerism, technology and social change. The program makes sense of rapidly evolving landscape helping listeners to understand their place in it.

  • Europe Today See schedule for air timeAn hour of news reports, comments and interviews with politicians and opinion makers from across Europe. With a focus on business stories, the program provides in-depth coverage of European political, economic and social affairs to an international audience.

  • From Our Own Correspondent (FOOC) See schedule for air timeA personal perspective from BBC reporters around the world on the beats they cover. The program combines expert analysis with insight and includes anecdotes from an informed, personal point of view.

  • Global Business See schedule for air timeA weekly business program that reports on major commerce and workplace issues, emerging trends and significant personalities in global business, from many different countries and cultures around the world.

  • Have Your Say See schedule for air timeA weekly global interactive program that invites World Service listeners, World television viewers and BBC online users to share their views and questions on one key issue with a worldwide audience. The program often features a leading global figure taking questions from listeners.

  • Health Check See schedule for air timeGrappling with health issues on a global scale, this magazine style program looks at discoveries and solutions in healthcare, tackles issues on conditions with no easy answers, and examines the choices for individuals or organizations trying to make a healthier world.

  • Instant Guide See schedule for air timeFilling the gaps in our general knowledge and providing information on the key events, issues and topics of the day, this program examines a topical person, place, space, thing or idea in ways no other program does. The aim is to inform on issues you really ought to know about in an engaging way.

  • News Bulletins See schedule for air timeRegularly updated bulletins and summaries of global news. A clear, concise, trustworthy and authoritative summary of what is happening of significance around the world. News bulletins set the agenda and are the spine of the World Service’s programs.

  • Newshour See schedule for air timeProviding the latest news, interviews with newsmakers, eyewitnesses, correspondents and analysts daily, seven days a week. The best BBC reporting and features, debate and discussion – global in reach, authoritative in style.

  • One Planet See schedule for air timeGet to grips with the major issues and themes in the world of development and the environment. The perspective is truly global providing investigation and considered analysis on themes and trends that affect us all.

  • Outlook See schedule for air timeAn hour-long daily human interest current affairs program, the show investigates how people, worldwide, are affected by the big stories, events and trends. The program invites listeners to participate, giving them a sense of global citizenship.

  • Politics UK See schedule for air timeCovering political and policy issues in the UK, defined in the wider sense, including social, economic and cultural change throughout the UK, the program debates trends such as Britain’s standing in the EU and in the world, making topics relevant to an international audience.

  • Reporting Religion See schedule for air timeAnalyzing religious issues and aspects of world news stories, the program clarifies current events in the role and influence of religion on world events, briefs listeners on global religious stories, questions key topical religious figures and debates religious/ethical questions.

  • Science in Action See schedule for air timeA weekly look at science stories in and behind the news from around the world. From outer space to the inner workings of the human body, the program informs you on what’s happening and why it matters.

  • Sports Round-up See schedule for air timeConstantly updated throughout the day, this highly illustrated round-up gives the listener a comprehensive review of all the news, action and results of the day’s major sporting events.

  • The Beat See schedule for air timeHear about stars who are successful on a global scale and thriving regional artists in a program about global popular music and the industry that surrounds it. The show offers a guide to important artists and their work as well as the personalities and powers involved in the global music industry.

  • The Interview See schedule for air timeAn interview with prominent and interesting people from around the world. In a relaxed, friendly way, the program explores topical issues, personal motivation, family history and personal aspirations. Authoritative yet intimate in style.

  • The Ticket See schedule for air timeA weekly hour takes you on a global journey through the world of arts, culture and entertainment. Presented by Mark Coles, nothing creative is out of bounds. Live studio performances, celebrity guests and showbiz gossip as well as all aspects of art and culture are discussed.

  • The Word See schedule for air timeTaking the broadest possible definition of literature across all written media, it explores the process of writing – as well as the results – and examines the literary industry itself. Once a month it features World Book Club, where the world’s best-known authors answer listeners’ questions live.

  • The World Today See schedule for air timeA news and current affairs program that sets the day's agenda and provides the latest news, interviews and on the spot features on a wide range of subjects for breakfast audiences around the world. It also covers business and sports with a broad agenda including culture, lifestyle and health.

  • World Business Report See schedule for air timeA program with news and analysis on significant developments in international business, finance and economics. The World Service's most news-driven business program has a wide agenda and is accessible to a wide audience.

  • World Business Review See schedule for air timeA discussion program focused on the main international business and economic stories of the week with guests chosen based on first hand knowledge of the stories and an ability to highlight underlying trends and future developments.

  • World Have Your Say See schedule for air timeWorld Service listeners and BBC online users are invited to share their views and questions on key issues with a worldwide audience. The program features leading global figures, experts and correspondents who take questions and comments from the listeners.

  • World Update See schedule for air timeA global news and current affairs program designed to brief listeners on the news agenda (mainly in the USA but also around the world), to break news and move stories forward in an engaging and authoritative way. The program includes reports, interviews, features, reports, debates and discussions.

  • Lyse DoucetA BBC TV and radio anchor and correspondent, Lyse Doucet often anchors special news coverage from around the world. She interviews world leaders such as Afghan President Hamid Karzai and covers breaking stories such as the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami on India and Indonesia.

  • George ArneyAn experienced BBC broadcasting veteran, George Arney has specialized in covering South Asia for almost 30 years. George is a regular anchor on the World Service's news program, Newshour and The World Today. He is frequently heard on the BBC World Service when Asian affairs are the topic.

  • Ros AtkinsRos Atkins hosts the discussion program, World, Have Your Say, weekdays from London. Ros began his career in Johannesburg as Centre Policy Studies' researcher before joining the BBC as news and sports producer and the BBC World Service, where he utilizes his knowledge of Africa and the Caribbean.

  • Claire BoldersonClaire Bolderson has been a BBC veteran for almost 20 years, starting as a correspondent based in Indonesia reporting on South Asia. She moved on to the Washington Bureau as North America Correspondent before anchoring for BBC's World Service and Radio 4.

  • Julian MarshallJulian Marshall is an anchor of Newshour, the BBC World Service flagship news and current affairs program and has won several awards including UK's prestigious Sony Gold Award. Julian also reports on major events such as the capture of Saddam Hussein and the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

  • Dan DamonDan started out as a BBC radio technical operator before leaving to cover wars and revolutions in countries from Mongolia to Albana with a freelance news team that included his wife, a camera operator. He returned to the BBC as a reporter covering environmental, energy and human rights issues.

  • Jo FidgenJo Fidgen anchors BBC World Service programs, including rolling news coverage on stories including the Iraq war, the Beslan siege and the London bombings. She has been a reporter, producer and anchor on several BBC networks and edited a documentary series Learning to Solve the World's Problems.

  • Carrie GracieThe Interview CV host Carrie Gracie has been with BBC World Service for more than 30 years, starting out as a reporter in Beijing, taking a few years off to complete a degree in Mandarin Chinese before returning to the Beijing bureau. Now at the BBC in the UK, Carrie anchors for various shows.

  • Roger HearingAfter starting out at the Birmingham Post newspaper, Roger was a BBC correspondent in South Asia, Southern Europe and East Africa for about 10 years before returning to the UK, reporting and anchoring mainly for the BBC World Service and BBC World TV.

  • Owen Bennet JonesA BBC anchor for almost 20 years, Owen Bennett-Jones was a BBC correspondent in Romania right after the revolution and covered Europe, Asia and the Middle East reporting on crises in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Owen also writes for UK newspapers such as The Guardian and Financial Times.

  • Robin LustigAfter a 20-year career as a print journalist for Reuters and Britain's newspaper The Observer, Robin anchored a variety of news programs for the BBC including coverage of the Iraq war, elections in Israel, Britain, the US and Iran, and documentaries on subjects such as AIDS in Africa and democracy.

  • Fergus NicollFergus Nicoll joined the BBC as a producer for the African Service before moving to reporting for BBC's Cairo Bureau. Following several years at BBC World TV, he returned to news-gathering as a World Affairs Correspondent, filing reports from Cameroon rainforests to Sarajevo refugee settlements.

  • Max PearsonMax has been a BBC World Service lead anchor for more than 20 years. He first worked on BBC radio but resigned to see the world after completing his post-graduate work in broadcast journalism. After traveling the Middle East, India, Pakistan and the Far East, the World Service is a natural for him.

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