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Broadcast in French.
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  • Richard Fortin Mondays - Thursdays Find out what's happening in the music industry around the globe, from news exclusives to entertainment world gossip. Tune in as Richard plays all the hits.

  • Nicolas Wilson Fridays - Sundays Nicolas' unique sense of humour will alter your radio listening experience, with "Slapshot" capsules, quick takes from the world of music and all of today's hottest songs.

  • La Zone Urbaine Saturdays 4 am, 10 am, 4 pm & 10 pm ET Discover the newest rap, hip-hop and R&B releases on La Zone Urbaine with Nicolas Wilson. 120 minutes of Taktika, Eminem, Loco Locass, Chris Brown, and many more.

  • Latitude Franco Top 30 Countdown Sundays 4 am, 10 am, 4 pm & 10 pm ET The 30 hottest French and English songs on the French Canadian and US hit parades.

  • Richard Fortin | email
    The man behind, Richard has worked in radio for a dozen years. He began his career in the Laurentians at CIME FM. In 2002, Richard entered the major leagues with the now defunct COOL FM. In 2003, he joined the ranks of Energie, Québec’s largest radio network. His versatility as a DJ, producer and broadcaster led him to a new challenge. Since December 1, 2005, Richard has been part of the Sirius Canada satellite radio team, at the mike for this new network.

  • Nicolas Wilson | email
    Weekends 12 am - 4 am; 6 am - 10 am; 12 pm - 4 pm; 9 pm - 10 pm ET
    The founding president of Cinik Productions, which specializes in audio-video productions, Nicolas has worked in multimedia for the past seven years, including Radio-Canada, Cool, Ckoi and Musique Plus. Into everything, he is at once a DJ, producer and audio/video developer. On December 1, 2005, Nicolas’ biting wit and indomitable creativity led him to join the Sirius Canada satellite radio team, where he works behind the mike.

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