Summer Rentals: What you need to know about our special seasonal channels

See what Carolina Shag, Road Trip Radio and Yacht Rock Radio have to offer.

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May 31, 2017

Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve rented out our limited-engagement channels to be your soundtrack for vacations and long weekends. Whether you’re hitting the high seas, the highway or yearning for your high school spring break, we have the tunes to take you where you want to go. Check out what our seasonal channels — Carolina Shag, Road Trip Radio and Yacht Rock Radio — have to offer!





Carolina Shag, a new limited-engagement channel, is a deep dive into the vintage R&B sounds of what came to be called Beach Music.

In the years following World War II, young people in the south flocked to the beach pavilions and juke joints of the Carolina shore to dance to the Rhythm and Blues they weren’t hearing in their more conservative hometowns. They developed a dance they called “the dirty shag” – a slowed down offshoot of the jitterbug.

Summers in the ’50s and ’60s rolled by, a generation of “shaggers” came of age dancing beachside to the latest R&B, music from artists like The Drifters, Billy Stewart, Jackie Wilson and more. The ’70s brought a new wave of Beach Music by show bands like The Catalinas, Fantastic Shakers, The Band of Oz and The Embers. But the sound kept the beach bars full and The Shag alive and well.

Take a trip down memory lane with us now through September 6 on Channel 13.



With summer unofficially underway, the time is right for rolling down the windows, letting the wind blow through your hair and blasting some classic behind-the-wheel jams. Road Trip Radio is broadcasting the most popular road trip songs selected by SiriusXM hosts, celebrities, and listeners. That means you could hear artists like Justin Timberlake, Willie Nelson, Daft Punk, Avicci, Prince, Pharrell Williams, Madonna, Dire Straits and SugarHill Gang all in the same hour!

Let us be your musical co-pilot, now through June 4 on Channel 30.

YACHT ROCK RADIO (Chs. 17 & 13)

It’s 1981 and you’re a casually-dressed yuppie cruising the Atlantic shores of the Hamptons with your pals. Bikinis are fluorescent, polo collars are popped, and boat shoes are rocked sock-less. In the background, your booming sound system is playing the soft-rock sounds of Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Christopher Cross, Robbie Dupree, Hall & Oates. Sound just like the glory days to you? Then come sail away with us starting June 21 on Channel 17 through September 6 at 3 am ET.