Ricky Gervais, Billy Idol & more remember David Bowie’s sound & vision as Guest DJs

Each guest DJ special will include one host spinning their favorite Bowie songs and sharing memorable stories about the iconic artist.

Matt Simeone
May 22, 2020

David Bowie has inspired countless luminaries who have become heroes to many other artists over the years — and for the next couple of weeks, you can join some of his famous fans in honoring the Thin White Duke during their exclusive Guest DJ specials on The David Bowie Channel.

Tune in to Bowie’s exclusive SiriusXM channel throughout May to hear hour-long episodes of The David Bowie Channel Guest DJ Series, featuring musicians Billy Idol, Beck, Billy Corgan, Linda Perry, and Patrick Stump, as well as comedians Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard. Each episode will include one host spinning their favorite Bowie songs and sharing memorable stories about the iconic artist (scroll down to see the full broadcast schedule).

The David Bowie Channel features music spanning Bowie’s career, from his earliest recordings to his final album, . Listeners can hear rare tracks and demo versions of some of Bowie’s greatest songs, as well as interpretations of his work from artists including Beck, Annie Lennox, Nirvana, Tears for Fears, Barbra Streisand, The Wallflowers, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duran Duran, the late Scott Weiland, and more. The David Bowie Channel is available on the SiriusXM app in the Rock category.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

Ricky Gervais Guest DJ

Friday, May 22 at 7pm

Saturday, May 23 at 8am

Sunday, May 24 at 2am and 6pm

Monday, May 25 at 1pm (Memorial Day)

Tuesday, May 26 at 1am

Beck Guest DJ

Saturday, May 23 at 11am, 5pm, and 11pm

Sunday, May 24 at 6am, 3pm, and 9pm

Monday, May 25 at 4am and 7pm (Memorial Day)

Tuesday, May 26 at 6pm

Wednesday, May 27 at 6pm

Thursday, May 28 at 7am

Friday, May 29 at 5am and 8pm

Saturday, May 30 at 9am

Patrick Stump Guest DJ

Friday, May 22 at 10pm

Saturday, May 23 at 5am and 2pm

Sunday, May 24 at 12pm

Monday, May 25 at 7am (Memorial Day)

Tuesday, May 26 at 8pm

Friday, May 29 at 1am

Saturday, May 30 at 9pm

Billy Idol Guest DJ

Friday, May 22 at 10am and 4pm

Saturday, May 23 at 1am and 8pm

Sunday, May 24 at 9am

Monday, May 25 at 12am (Memorial Day)

Thursday, May 28 at 4am

Billy Corgan Guest DJ

Monday, May 25 at 10am, 4pm, and 10pm (Memorial Day)

Tuesday, May 26 at 5am and 2pm

Wednesday, May 27 at 2am

Thursday, May 28 at 7pm

Friday, May 29 at 11am

Saturday, May 30 at 6am

Linda Perry Guest DJ

Friday, May 29 at 5pm and 11pm

Saturday, May 30 at 3pm

Spoon Guest DJ

Tuesday, May 26 at 11am, 5pm, and 11pm

Wednesday, May 27 at 6am and 12pm

Friday, May 29 at 2pm

Saturday, May 30 at 2am

Eddie Izzard Guest DJ

Thursday, May 28 at 10am, 4pm, and 10pm

Friday, May 29 at 8am

David & Rosanna Arquette Guest DJ

Wednesday, May 27 at 9am, 3pm, and 9pm

Thursday, May 28 at 12am and 1pm

Saturday, May 30 at 6pm

Carlos Alomar Guest DJ

Saturday, May 30 at 12pm

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