Quintessential Queen – Their 50 Biggest Songs, as Voted by Listeners

Rock out to the best Queen songs now!

Jackie Kolgraf
October 20, 2023

SiriusXM asked you for your favorite Queen songs to help us reveal their 50 biggest tracks of all time. Now, the votes are in!

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Quintessential Queen: Top 50 is an exclusive special on SiriusXM’s The Queen Channel, available on the SiriusXM App through November 10. The channel is also airing on SiriusXM channel 104 through Sunday, October 22.

The Queen Channel on SiriusXM

Quintessential Queen: Top 50

50. Don’t Try Suicide

49. Liar

48. Seaside Rendezvous

47. Sail Away, Sweet Sister

46. God Save the Queen

45. I Was Born To Love You

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