A Week of Powerful Women with SiriusXM’s Julie Mason

Julie Mason is no stranger to interviewing movers and shakers, but during Women’s History Month, she looked through the SiriusXM rolodex for the power players right here on the air.

Matt Simeone
March 14, 2022

Julie Mason, host of Julie Mason Mornings on SiriusXM’s POTUS 124, is no stranger to interviewing movers and shakers — Senators, Representatives, Cabinet members — but during Women’s History Month, she looked through the SiriusXM rolodex for the power players right here on the air.

A well-documented, card-carrying punk rocker, Mason kicked off a week of Women’s History coverage by speaking with a kindred spirit: Lori Majewski, co-host of Feedback and host of Fierce Women in Music, both on SiriusXM’s Volume 106. Majewski said her path to the top of the industry started with a love of one little new wave band.

From musical passion, Mason turned to political passion. SiriusXM’s Progress 127 is the place on your radio for nuanced progressive perspectives, and host Stephanie Miller joined Mason to talk the brand of conservative politics that runs in her family, and how she bucked the trend to establish her own place on the Left.

No issue has been more present in the last two years of politics than the coronavirus pandemic, and Mason’s next guest in her Women’s History Month coverage has seen that fight up close. Dr. Caren Behar, host of Women’s Health on SiriusXM’s Dr. Radio 110, hadn’t worked in a hospital for 20 years before the all-hands-on-deck approach to battling the pandemic drew her back to the patients that needed her the most.

So far, these powerful women have all worked in these coveted roles for years – decades, even – but Mason spoke with a SiriusXM host who just put pen to paper on a career change this January. Lurie Daniel Favors, a lawyer and activist who hosts on Urban View 126, recently began her dream role as Executive Director at the Center for Law and Social Justice at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY.

And speaking of dream roles – Stacy Washington, an Air Force veteran and host of Stacy on the Right on SiriusXM’s Patriot 125, received every radio host’s favorite call after stepping behind the mic many times as a guest host. She told Mason they key to hosting her own conservative radio show was all about jumping at the right chances.

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