Increase your inner peace as SiriusXM & Calm team up to launch an all-new channel

The Calm Channel (Ch. 68) will feature soothing music, relaxing soundscapes, and ‘Mindful Moments’ to help create a peaceful state of mind.

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May 6, 2020

***The Calm Channel is currently unavailable. Click here for our relaxing channels.***

As more and more people report feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed during the current crisis, practicing mindfulness has never been more important. In May of 2020, SiriusXM and Calm — the leading meditation and mindfulness app — offered subscribers The Calm Channel, which featured soothing music, tranquil soundscapes, and mindfulness meditations.

The Calm Channel was an exclusive pop-up channel offering the soothing sounds of ambient music, nature melodies, quiet lullabies, and simple meditations to provide the perfect backdrop to take a deep breath and let go of life’s daily stresses. Listeners are instantly transported into a relaxing environment with music and meditations to guide you throughout the day — from awakening soundscapes to a midday meditation and calming lullabies at night. Aside from just music, mini meditations called Mindful Moments will run four times a day at 8am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm ET. As The Calm Channel serves up your relaxation soundtrack throughout May and June, listeners can still hear SiriusXM’s Spa channel on streaming and digital platforms.

This all-new channel is available to SiriusXM subscribers nationwide and to everyone (including anyone who is not already a subscriber) on the app and connected devices as part of our recently announced free streaming access period through May 31. For more information and to start listening, visit: