Hear inspiring & healing cultural stories from influential roots artists in this SiriusXM series

Experience an enlightening and culturally rich musical experience as roots artists come together to tell their stories during the new series.

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January 11, 2021

Music has long been considered a bridge between different cultures and communities, and The Village (Ch. 741) is proud to present Prisms: The Sound of Color, where African, Latinx, and Native American roots artists pick the songs and tell their story through a spectrum of music. As of November 1, The Bridge (Ch. 17) and The Village have been delivering listening sessions that are as healing as they are educational and filled to the brim with cultural richness.

Named by people of color in the the American roots artist community, Prisms: The Sound of Color highlights Carol Maillard, Dom Flemons, Reggie Harris, and Dan Navarro. The enlightening new series made its debut with Carol Maillard, a founder of the GRAMMY-Award winning ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock. Scroll to see the full broadcast schedule and check back for future air dates and times!

“This series is going to be absolutely enlightening, inspiring, and heart-opening. There’s so much to be grateful at this time. Music is a great healer. We are all going to learn something new and wonderful through Prisms: The Sound of Color,Maillard said in advance of her premiere episode.

Prisms: The Sound of Color is a new show highlighting the many varieties of roots music that represent artists of color from all over the United States and the world. I’m so pleased to be part of this creative cohort of artists and we look forward to presenting episodes that will excite you!” GRAMMY Award-winning artist Dom Flemons, also known as The American Songster, expressed about the series.

“This angel we call ‘folk’ is more than banjos, dulcimers and songs about trains — the brightest light is made up of all colors; and we are proud to have the opportunity to show what color adds to this broad, inspiring spectrum,” singer-songwriter Dan Navarro said.

“The wide-ranging collaborative conversation that led to us choosing the name Prisms: The Sound of Color was as rich and diverse as I am sure all of our shows will be. I am thrilled to be part of such a passionate team, one that really loves the music and loves the people who listen to it!” Reggie Harris, song leader, educator, storyteller, and cultural ambassador, said. “As a songwriter and performer whose music covers a lot of ground from traditional to contemporary styles I am excited to be part of Prisms: The Sound of Color at this time when the world is shifting and changing and we can express that shift through the music we present.”

MarySue Twohy, SiriusXM Program Director, also added, “Folk music is the music of the people — all people. Prisms: The Sound of Color will be uplifting songs and stories that have always been a part of American folk — from the African-American story to Asian-American music to the Latin-American song — this show will help tell our collective story.”

Prisms: The Sound of Color Schedule

Reggie Harris

January 11 at 6pm ET on The Village

January 12 at 12pm and 6pm ET on The Village

January 14 at 8am ET on The Village

January 15 at 12pm ET on The Village

January 16 at 10am ET on The Village

Dan Navarro

February 7