Dear Lisa Ann: Having ‘the talk’, starting a new life, my favorite sports moment

Former No. 1 Adult Film Star Lisa Ann has been putting the “fantasy” in SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio every Monday night at 10 pm ET for awhile now, but she also knows a thing or two about real life. Each week, … Continued

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September 30, 2016

Former No. 1 Adult Film Star Lisa Ann has been putting the “fantasy” in SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio every Monday night at 10 pm ET for awhile now, but she also knows a thing or two about real life. Each week, she’ll be answering your burning questions about sex, relationships and her personal life. This time around, she’s tackling: The difference between Facebook friends vs. real friends, managing her Psoriasis, and the after effects of a career in the adult film industry.

Dear Lisa Ann,

My husband and I have been having a debate about when to talk to our daughters about sex. Since I read your blog weekly, I told him I was going to see of you would give me facts to add to our debating.

Thank you.

— Loving Parents

Dear Loving Parents,

Kudos to you for reaching out. I was thrilled to see your email; this is the stuff I talk about with so many of my friends who are parents. Though I don’t have any kids of my own, I think the many generations I interact with on social media keep me pretty keen on what’s up! I understand for some parents it’s about religion and for some it’s just the fear of opening up a conversation they’re afraid to have. I suggest a book called Difficult Conversations, I’ve read it and found it very useful. My answer, once kids are introduced to the Internet is the time to start having these conversations. Look at the Internet as it is, a world of strangers, mixed with way too much porn. I’m not against porn at all, but I do feel it is blurring the lines because of the accessibility. When it comes to social media like Twitter, which is flooded with porn, your children can easily face things they don’t understand that could begin to have them form their own opinion, unless you have the talk with them. I’ll give you an example: a couple months ago I asked one of my friends if he follows his sons on social media. When he said no, I went on their timelines to show him what they are up to. His 13 year old had a video of a girl doing something explicit. He was mortified, but I was even more mortified that he doesn’t follow them. It’s a huge responsibility put in your lap as a parent, as much as you want to trust your children you have to realize it’s less about trust and more about educating and protecting of them. The Internet is a scary place, so be sure that if your girls are online you start to monitor who’s talking to them and what they’re talking about. I can’t really say an age, but I can say this: anything the oldest child learns will be taught to the youngest, so time is clearly of the essence. I can already see you are an amazing family just by you reaching out to me and trying to gather information to bring back to the hubby. Get that book, you will love it!


— Lisa Ann

Dear Lisa Ann,

You spent two decades in the adult industry in front of and behind the camera.   Now that you have created a new life for yourself outside the industry (the most interesting and intriguing part of your story btw….congratulations), how do you approach personal relationships?  Is there a difference? None? Are you more guarded? Less? What advice would you give to someone transitioning from a world where their personal AND work relationships come largely from the same group of people?

Thank You

— Starting A New Life

Dear Starting A New Life,

The first step for you to transition to a new life is to start today taking some small steps to create a new world. I suggest trying new things, like taking classes. You can start small with a new class at the gym or get creative with a cooking or a language class. Once you step out of your circle you will find that you are more open to meeting new people and through them you will feel some new inspiration naturally coming to you. I started to plan years before I retired, so I added in activities that were totally new to me and they really helped me step outside the life I already knew while preparing myself for the life I was ready to have. Thank you for your kind words about my transition, I have found that keeping my circle small and only meeting new people through people I know very well helps me stay guarded in my own way. You will follow that same path and the adventure of your future is right around the corner. Enjoy the process; it can be like your own movie playing in front of your own eyes. Change can be really good for all of us, whether it is a big or a small change, it can be just what you need to kick start your mojo again.

— Lisa Ann

Dear Lisa Ann,

Just wondering what’s you’re all time favorite sporting moment?

— Sports Fan

Dear Sports Fan,

I was eight years old and it was my first Philadelphia Phillies Game. It wasn’t just any Phillies Game, it was Philly Phanatic give away day. I can still remember how excited I was to get my own stuffed animal version of the Philly Phanatic. If that wasn’t enough for my young self, I was one of the lucky ones that also got a picture with the Philly Phanatic that day! I kept that stuffed animal for way too many years. It was one of those kids plus sports moments that made magic. I know this isn’t a brilliant response, but it was the first thought that came to my mind along with the question “I wonder what ever happened to my Philly Phanatic?” LOL I should also add that I haven’t grown up much since then, because I was just as excited last year when I was at a NY Mets Game and got my picture taken with Mr. Met!


— Lisa Ann