Dear Lisa Ann: Avoiding the haters, dieting and transitioning out of the adult world and into a new career!

Former No. 1 Adult Film Star Lisa Ann has been putting the “fantasy” in SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio every Monday night at 10 pm ET for awhile now, but she also knows a thing or two about real life. Each week, … Continued

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June 24, 2016

Former No. 1 Adult Film Star Lisa Ann has been putting the “fantasy” in SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio every Monday night at 10 pm ET for awhile now, but she also knows a thing or two about real life. Each week, she’ll be answering your burning questions about sex, relationships and her personal life. This time around, she’s tackling: The difference between Facebook friends vs. real friends, managing her Psoriasis, and the after effects of a career in the adult film industry.

Dear Lisa Ann,

How much has your free time exploded since you stepped away from social media?

– Newfound Free Time

Dear Newfound Free Time,

This is such a great question as it gives me a chance to explain to those who may not know what I have and haven’t been up to. It was February of this year when I got into multiple situations that made me take a step back and reevaluate how I was spending my time. Due to the nature of the public’s view of me, my social media timelines are somewhat of a hot mess. Each time I post something, I am instantly attacked with commentary that is just unnecessary for anyone to have to read. In February I was spending an average of 3-4 hours a day working on my social media, a very large portion of that time was deleting unnecessary, hateful comments and blocking bullies from my timelines.

After I reevaluated what I was actually doing, I realized just reading those comments and spending the time blocking those accounts was depressing and made me incredibly paranoid about the world I live in. So, I decided to write myself a new business plan, tackle my social media differently and mainly leave the horrific comments for everyone to see what it is that is brought into my life when I try to share myself on social media. I love to write; so being on social media came very naturally to me, so I found a better solution. I cut back on my social media time and landed myself some awesome writing gigs where I can still connect with you all and share my voice.

I now write this blog for SiriusXM, which I love because I get to read all of your emails and connect with each question individually. I also started a full-time weekly writing gig for With The Stashed I have creative writing control and find myself reliving all the fun stories of my life and putting them on paper for you all. I feel more fulfilled with my new writing outlets and I live in a much more positive space not falling into the trap of the negative words on social media.

Sometimes we all have to reevaluate what we are doing, even if it may be working, it could always be working better. We are all in charge of our own happiness and I showed that to myself once again by taking one step back and two amazing steps forward.

– Lisa Ann

Dear Lisa Ann,

I’m looking to start losing weight, maybe 20 lbs, do you have any tips to help me get started?  I’m cutting down on sugar (soda, candy) upping my water intake and starting to work out in the morning.  Anything else you can suggest?

– Ready to Diet

Dear Ready to Diet,

Losing weight is not just about the initial goal, but also about an actual lifestyle change. I suggest writing down everything you eat in a food journal for at least two weeks, but a month is best. When you write a food journal you can also include the times of day you are eating. Once you have data to look at, you can easily take a little survey and see your own patterns. Cutting back on sugars is the obvious, but it will take more than that to establish the habits you want to have to not just loose the weigh, but maintain your new weight. Eating smaller meals more often helps your blood sugar maintain a good balance, helping you resist the urge for sweets when you need a little pick-me-up. Eat fresh, whole foods. Lots of fruits and vegetables to keep you snacking on good foods. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to be patient, loose the weight at a pace that you are comfortable with and you will move in to your new, healthy lifestyle effortlessly.

– Lisa Ann

Dear Lisa Ann,

What made you decide it was finally time to move on from porn? Also, what are your plans for the future?

– Ready to Move On

Dear Ready to Move On,

Well after an incredibly exciting 20+-year career in the adult business, I was really just ready to try some new things with my life. When I started to plan my retirement, I landed my dream job, talking sports on The Fantasy Sports Network on SiriusXM. I am now coming up on my third year with the network and I now have two shows Lisa Ann Does Fantasy Monday nights 10 pm-12 am ET, and on Thursday Nights I am on Fantasy Sports After Dark from 10 pm-12 am ET. I love my life in radio, and the people I work have taught me how to be a good host and put a fun show together. I also write this blog and write weekly for It has been a smooth transition and I am very happy with my decision to retire and take my life in a new direction.

– Lisa Ann

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