Celebrate Stevie Van Zandt’s new memoir with his exclusive SiriusXM interviews

Listen as Van Zandt looks back at some of his stories in the book, as well as talks about The E Street Band, reflects on acting in iconic series, and more.

Matt Simeone
October 21, 2021

Photo: Kirsti Hovde

In his new memoir, Unrequited Infatuations, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member, actor, and Underground Garage and Outlaw Country founder Stevie Van Zandt details many of his memorable adventures over the years — and in celebration of the book’s release, he joined several SiriusXM shows to look back at some of the stories in it, as well as talk about Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, reflect on acting in iconic series, and more.

Don’t miss A Conversation with Stevie Van Zandt on Deep Tracks (Ch. 27) as he joins host and renowned music journalist David Fricke to share insight into the memoir and also cue up music from his career. The special premieres on October 22 at 9am ET with encores on October 23 at 12am and 3pm ET and October 24 at 3am, 12pm, and 10pm ET.

Van Zandt will also join Classic Vinyl (Ch. 26) host Meg Griffin for music and conversation during Meg Griffin’s Special Guest on October 25 at 9am and 5pm ET, October 26 at 6am and 1pm ET, October 27 at 8am and 10pm ET, and October 28 at 7am ET.

Plus, click below to head to the SXM App and hear his appearances with Dave Marsh and Jim Rotolo on E Street Radio; Nik Carter and Jeff Slate on VOLUME; and John Fugelsang on SiriusXM Progress.

Unrequited Infatuations chronicles the twists and turns of Stevie Van Zandt’s always surprising life. It is more than just the testimony of a globe-trotting nomad, more than the story of a groundbreaking activist, more than the odyssey of a spiritual seeker, and more than a master class in rock ‘n’ roll (not to mention a dozen other crafts). For more information about the book, visit www.littlesteven.com.