Celebrate NYE with SXM and these decade-ending, genre-spanning specials

Throw it back, count it down, and more as SiriusXM welcomes the new year with specials that fit whatever 2020 vibe you’re going for.

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December 26, 2019

SiriusXM has 2020 vision — we’re welcoming the new year with specials that will have you popping the champagne well before midnight. From throwbacks to countdowns to party jams, be sure to tune in or catch even more end-of-decade moments (including your favorite songs and stars) On Demand to end your year on the right note (all times below in ET).

100 Cassette-Era Party Songs

Classic Rewind


Starting a new decade calls for a throwback to some classics. Classic Rewind (Ch. 25) is heading back to the cassette tape era with a countdown of the top 100 fan-voted songs, no retro hardware required. Your chance to scratch the nostalgia itch happens on Friday, December 27 at 12pm, Saturday, December 28 at 9am, Sunday, December 29 at 3pm, Monday, December 30 at 6am, and Tuesday, December 31, ending at the stroke of midnight.

New Year’s Eve Party Music Marathon

’70s on 7


Spend NYE at Magic Matt’s house party with the help of his noisemaking pals, plus Detroit’s DJDiscoCat and his Purrfection Mixes! The ’70s on 7 (Ch. 7) will be bringing you six hours of commercial-free, nonstop party rock and extended dance mixes to ring in the new decade. No need to RSVP — just tune in starting at 9pm on New Year’s Eve to join the fun, complete with countdowns for each time zone…unless the cops show up.  

Top 19 Hard Rock Anthems of 1999



The fans voted, SiriusXM listened, and now Turbo (Ch. 41) is about to be partying like it’s 1999 with a look back at 19 of the year’s most epic hard rock tracks. Catch the countdown from albums that closed out last millennium at 8pm on Saturday, December 28; 6am and 5pm on Sunday, December 29; 1pm and 10pm on Monday, December 30; 4am and 6pm on New Year’s Eve; and 12pm on New Year’s Day.

The Hotness 2019

The Heat


It’s getting hot in here. 🎶 The Heat (Ch. 46) is celebrating the 35 hottest R&B and hip-hop hits of the past year. No matter the temperature outside, feel the heat with everything from Khalid to Cardi and beyond as you get hyped for even more noteworthy music in the year to come. Tune in at 12pm and 6pm on New Year’s Eve and 9am and 3pm on New Year’s Day to join the countdown.

Top 20 of 2019

Hip Hop Nation


This year, stars became superstars, new artists leveled up, and hits made history on the charts as hip-hop stayed on top. Find out where your favorite tracks ranked as Swaggy Sie walks you through the top 20 hip-hop records of the year on Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44) starting at 9am, 3pm, and 10pm on New Year’s Eve, then again at 7am, 12pm, and 6pm on New Year’s Day.

Top 30 of 2019

The Pulse


The year may be ending, but The Pulse (Ch. 15) is revisiting the 30 biggest songs that you’ll probably still have stuck in your head well into 2020. Hear them for yourself as Ron Ross, Kim Ashley, Jim Ryan, and Karen Carson take you track by track starting at 7pm on Friday, December 27; 12pm and 8pm on Saturday, December 29; 1am, 9am, 3pm, and 10pm on Sunday, December 29; 3am and 3pm on Monday, December 30; 8am and 8pm on New Year’s Eve; and 12am, 10am, and 6pm on New Year’s Day.

The FLY 1s



Fly right into the new year with every single (pun intended) #1 hip-hop and R&B hit all the way from 1990 to 2010. Tune in as Terrence J takes you through all of your most-loved songs on SiriusXM FLY (Ch. 47) starting at 12pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm on New Year’s Eve and again at 11am, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm on New Year’s Day.

Fan-Picked Favs



Hear which tracks listeners think popped off this decade on Pop2k (Ch. 10) as 2019 comes to a close. Pop2K is letting the fans take over as they head back to the early 2000s and start the new year off right with songs you love, songs you love to hate, songs that’ll never get old, and more. Catch the special as it airs at 10am on New Year’s Day through 3am on Thursday, January 2.

New Year’s Eve Safety Dance

1st Wave


No need to wait ’til Saturday night to get your dance on — your favorite classic alternative dance soundtrack is getting the New Year’s treatment. Make your way into 2020 with DJ Bueller and 20 continuous hours of high-energy ’80s jams on 1st Wave (Ch. 33) as they bring you the New Year’s Eve Safety Dance starting at 2pm on New Year’s Eve.