Camila Cabello and Louis Tomlinson crowned Hits 1 Pop Prom king and queen!

The vote was close in the second annual bracket game.

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SiriusXM Editor
June 28, 2017

A direction has been chosen: Louis Tomlinson is your Hits 1 Pop Prom King.

And your Hits 1 Pop Prom Queen is Camila Cabello.

Louis doesn’t have to worry about splitting that crown with the other band members thanks to One Direction’s hiatus. And it looks like the same can be said for Camila now that her solo career post Fifth Harmony is moving full speed ahead.

The polls were close, but unfortunately for those pulling for Ariana Grande and Niall Horan, they lost by just 5 and 13 percentage points, respectively.

Louis and Camila lovers, celebrate SiriusXM Hits 1 (Ch. 2)‘s new royals on Twitter using the hashtag #Hits1PopProm.

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