Michelle Beadle and Cody Decker Host ‘Beadle & Decker’ on Mad Dog Sports Radio

Listen to the media personality and former major leaguer’s new show every weekday.

Jackie Kolgraf
August 18, 2023

Popular media personality Michelle Beadle and former major leaguer Cody Decker host Beadle and Decker every weekday 12–3pm ET on Mad Dog Sports Radio (Ch. 82) starting August 22.

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“I’ve been an avid listener to Mad Dog Sports Radio for so long that getting the opportunity to join the lineup and talk all sports, everyday, is as good as it gets,” said Beadle. “Cody is ok, too.”

“’Mad Dog’ is a name that’s been registering on the sports landscape Richter Scale for years. I’ve been a listener and fan since day one on SiriusXM,” said Decker. “Having the chance to share the airwaves with a daily lineup like this, not to mention to work with a cohost the caliber of Michelle, is something I had only dreamed of. After all these years, she FINALLY gets to work with a complete professional like me.”

About Michelle Beadle

In Michelle Beadle’s distinguished and multi-faceted career, she has covered everything from the major sports to bull riding to celebrity red carpets.

During her time at ESPN, she hosted ESPN’s NBA Countdown, SportsNation, and Get Up!, and led all the company’s pregame and halftime shows for the NBA Finals, the Conference Finals, NBA Playoffs, and NBA regular season. She also hosted NFL Kickoff on NBC, served as a reporter and host for the YES Network covering the Yankees and Nets, and covered the Golden Globes and GRAMMY Awards for People Magazine.

Currently, she is the host of FanDuel TV’s NBA show, Run It Back, and is a special correspondent for the San Antonio Spurs. A native of Boerne, TX, Michelle is a graduate of University of Texas-San Antonio.

About Cody Decker

Cody Decker was drafted by the San Diego Padres out of UCLA in 2009. He distinguished himself as a power hitter at every level of the minor leagues and made his major league debut with the Padres in 2015.

Decker also played for Team Israel in the 2017 World Baseball Classic, and continued his pro career with the Royals, Rockies, Red Sox, Brewers, Mets, and Diamondbacks before retiring in 2019. After stepping away from the field, in addition to his work on SiriusXM, Decker’s media career has seen him appear on Fox Sports 1, MLB Network, Bally Sports, and Stadium. Decker grew up in Santa Monica, CA.