Why Jane Lynch says she won’t get married again

Jane Lynch stopped by Sandyland on Radio Andy to open up about her divorce.

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November 17, 2016

After finalizing her divorce from psychologist Laura Embry two years ago, Jane Lynch is happily single.

“Are you dating anybody?” Sandra Bernhard asked her in Sandyland on Thursday.

“No. That ship has sailed, my love,” the Glee star said while promoting her new holiday album, A Swingin’ Little Christmas. “I’m done. I’ve been done. I have no desire.”

“But that’s when you’ll meet the love of your life,” Bernhard suggested.

“Well, maybe. Hey, you know what? No one would be more surprised or shocked than me,” Lynch said, promising that she “will not get married again.”

Lynch and Embry wed quietly in 2010 but split three years later.

What went wrong?

“It was a mistake,” Lynch admitted of her decision to tie the knot. “What I will say is that the relief afterward … I went into bliss for like a month. I was floating, because I had put myself emotionally and mentally into a box. And this is not her fault, this was all my doing.”

“I’m not a relationship person and I put myself in a prison, and when it was over, I felt like I had been released from prison,” she added. “I am a solitary person. I went against my own nature.”

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