Smylie Kaufman Debuts ‘The Smylie Show’ Podcast with Special Guest Justin Thomas

The premiere episode features an engaging and candid conversation with Justin Thomas.

Matthew Fanizza
May 15, 2023


Former PGA Tour player Smylie Kaufman has launched his highly anticipated podcast, The Smylie Show, featuring an engaging conversation with two-time PGA Champion Justin Thomas. In their hour-long discussion, the duo delved into a range of topics, including Thomas’ memorable moments, experiences with legendary golfers like Tiger Woods, and the changing landscape of social media.

Listen to the Debut Episode of The Smylie Show Here

During the premiere episode of The Smylie Show, Smylie Kaufman and Justin Thomas engaged in a fascinating conversation that offered insights into Thomas’ golfing journey and personal experiences. From discussing pivotal moments in major championships to sharing anecdotes about fellow golfers and their escapades, the duo provided listeners with an intimate glimpse into the world of professional golf.

Smylie KaufmanThomas spoke about the importance of his Saturday evening range session during the 2022 PGA Championship, stating, “It was one of those things to where… I just was so pissed off… I was frustrated and needed to get it out so that I could leave Southern Hills in a better frame of mind.”

Reflecting on his performance during the tournament, Thomas revealed the moment he felt he had a chance to win: “12 green was where I totally felt it… I made probably a 15-18-footer for birdie there, and I could just tell, the roar from the crowd, it was a very different roar… that was like a ‘alright, let’s go’ kind of thing.”

Sharing a lighthearted story about playing with Tiger Woods in the 2019 President’s Cup, Thomas recounted how he sought advice on a challenging tee shot. He humorously recalled Tiger’s response: “‘I don’t care what I have in, just put me in the f’ing fairway.'”

Thomas also praised Jordan Spieth’s exceptional ability to keep a clean scorecard during their friendly matches: “There may be nobody on planet earth that is better at keeping a scorecard and keeping track of bets than he is.”

The conversation between Kaufman and Thomas extended beyond golf, touching upon the evolution of social media. They acknowledged that during their early spring break trips, they were comfortable sharing their lives and vacations with the public, but now their perspective has changed. Thomas noted, “It just seems like it’s turned into a place where you can just kind of say whatever you want… that part of it is a little much to me at times.”

New episodes of The Smylie Show will debut every Monday and Thursday on all major podcast platforms. The show will also air every Monday at 8pm ET on SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio, featuring a mix of commentary on the game from Kaufman, who won the Shriners Hospital for Children Open in 2015, and interviews with personalities from around the game.