SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Recap of the Top 10 Stories that Defined 2023

See the 10 biggest NFL stories of 2023 below, and listen to SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Top 10 Stories of 2023 special.

December 21, 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, SiriusXM NFL Radio is looking back on the league’s biggest moments of the year. From major retirement announcements and injuries, to coach firings and hirings, 2023 had no shortage of headline-making surprises. Additionally, SiriusXM NFL Radio pays tribute to the enduring legacies of NFL icons such as the late Gil Brandt, Jim Brown, Dick Butkus, and others.

Listen to SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Top 10 Stories of 2023 special, first airing on December 22. See the 10 biggest NFL stories of 2023 and In Memoriam below.

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Aaron Rodgers:

September 11, 2023 – After the New York Jets acquired Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers, the quarterback was sidelined by a season-ending Achilles injury — just minutes into the season opener.

Damar Hamlin:

January 2, 2023 – The most-Googled athlete of 2023, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and went into cardiac arrest due to a rare condition called commotio cordis during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He made a full recovery and returned to the team in April.

Super Bowl LVII:

February 12, 2023 – The 57th Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. This was the first time in history two black quarterbacks faced each other as well as two siblings (Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce).

Running Back Contracts Devalued:

The devaluation of running back contracts sparked debates on the evolving dynamics of player compensation in the NFL.

Tom Brady and JJ Watt Retire:

February 1, 2023 – NFL legend Tom Brady announced his retirement, following J.J. Watt‘s retirement announcement. Both of them are now eligible for the Hall of Fame Class of 2028, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Washington Commanders Under New Ownership:

July 20, 2023 – The Washington Commanders underwent a transformation with a new ownership group, lead by investor Josh Harris, signaling a fresh start and potential changes for the team.

Rookie Quarterbacks in 2023 Draft:

April 27, 2023 – An influx of talented rookie quarterbacks — including C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, Bryce Young, and Anthony Richardson — created anticipation for the impact they will have on their respective teams.

Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler Fired:

November 1, 2023 – The Las Vegas Raiders made a bold move by firing head coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler after a tumultuous start to the season.

49ers Trade Trey Lance, Start Brock Purdy:

August 26, 2023 – The San Francisco 49ers made waves by trading Trey Lance and placing their confidence in quarterback Brock Purdy as they reshaped their quarterback roster.

Sean Payton’s Return to Coaching:

January 31, 2023 – Early this year, the Denver Broncos announced plans to acquire head coach Sean Payton from the New Orleans Saints.

NFL Radio - Top 10 Stories of 2023

In Memoriam

This season, SiriusXM NFL Radio pays tribute to the enduring legacies of some of the NFL’s most iconic figures. We honor the contributions and impact of the late Gil Brandt, Jim Brown, Dick Butkus and more. Their influence on the game and the league will forever be remembered.

Ron Acks

Teams & Position: Falcons, Patriots & Packers LB

Years Active: 1968-1976

Mark Arneson

Team & Position: Cardinals LB

Years Active: 1972-1980

Sam Ball

Team & Position: Colts OT

Years Active: 1966-1970

Gary Barnes

Teams & Position: Packers, Cowboys, Bears & Falcons WR

Years Active: 1962-1967

Maxie Baughan

Teams & Position: Eagles, Rams & Washington LB; 7-Time All-Pro

Years Active: 1960-1974

Ed Beard

Team & Position: 49ers LB

Years Active: 1965-1972

Bobby Beathard

Teams & Position: Washington & San Diego General Manager

Years Active: 1978-1988 (Washington), 1990-2000 (San Diego)

Hall of Famer

Bob Berry

Teams & Position: Vikings & Falcons QB

Years Active: 1965-1975

Dick Bielski

Teams & Position: Eagles, Cowboys, Colts FB, SE & K

Years Active: 1955-1963

Gil Brandt

Role: Cowboys Executive; SirusXM NFL Radio Host

Years Active: 1960-1988 (Executive), 2003-2023 (Radio Host)

Hall of Famer

Bob Breitenstein

Teams & Position: Broncos, Vikings, Bears, Falcons OT & OG

Years Active: 1965-1970

John Brockington

Teams & Position: Packers & Chiefs RB; 1971 ROY

Years Active: 1971-1977

Bob Brown

Teams & Position: Eagles, Rams & Raiders OT

Years Active: 1964-1973

Hall of Famer

Jim Brown

Team & Position: Browns FB

Years Active: 1957-1965

3-Time MVP, 9-Time All-Pro

Hall of Famer

Ray Brown

Teams & Position: Falcons & Saints Safety

Years Active: 1971-1980

Glenn Bujnoch

Teams & Position: Bengals & Buccaneers OL

Years Active: 1976-1984

Dick Butkus

Team & Position: Bears LB

Years Active: 1965-1973

2-Time DPOY, 8-Time All-Pro

Hall of Famer

Joe Campbell

Teams & Position: Saints, Raiders & Buccaneers DE

Years Active: 1977-1981

Alex Collins

Teams & Position: Seahawks & Ravens RB

Years Active: 2016-2021

Johnie Cooks

Teams & Position: Colts, Giants & Browns LB

Years Active: 1982-1991

Larry Coyer

Teams & Position: Broncos & Colts Defensive Coordinator

Years Active: 2003-2006 (Broncos), 2009-2011 (Colts)

Sean Dawkins

Teams & Position: Colts, Saints, Seahawks, Jaguars WR

Years Active: 1993-2001

Conrad Dobler

Teams & Position: Cardinals, Saints & Bills OG

Years Active: 1972-1981

Ron East

Teams & Position: Cowboys, Chargers, Browns, Falcons & Seahawks DT

Years Active: 1967-1977

Miller Farr

Teams & Position: Broncos, Chargers, Oilers, Cardinals, & Lions CB

Years Active: 1965-1973

Charley Ferguson

Teams & Position: Browns, Vikings & Bills TE

Years Active: 1961-1969

Ed Flanagan

Teams & Position: Lions & Chargers Center

Years Active: 1965-1976

Tim Foley

Team & Position: Dolphins CB & Safety

Years Active: 1970-1980

Russ Francis

Teams & Position: Patriots & 49ers TE

Years Active: 1975-1988

Walt Garrison

Team & Position: Cowboys FB & RB

Years Active: 1966-1974

Frank Gilliam

Role: Vikings Scout

Years Active: 1970-2007

Hubert Ginn

Teams & Position: Dolphins, Colts & Raiders RB

Years Active: 1970-1978

Bud Grant

Role: Vikings Head Coach

Years Active: 1967-1983, 1985

Hall of Famer

Clark Haggans

Teams & Position: Steelers, Cardinals & 49ers LB

Years Active: 2000-2012

Dick Haley

Teams & Position: Washington, Vikings & Steelers CB; Jets and Dolphins Executive

Executive Years: 1959-2022

Harald Hasselbach

Team & Position: Broncos DE

Years Active: 1994-2000

D.J. Hayden

Teams & Position: Raiders, Lions & Jaguars CB

Years Active: 2013-2021

Jimmy Hines

Teams & Position: Dolphins & Chiefs WR

Years Active: 1968-1970

Daryl Johnson

Team & Position: Patriots CB

Years Active: 1968-1970

Tracy Johnson

Teams & Position: Oilers, Falcons, Seahawks & Buccaneers RB

Years Active: 1989-1996

Homer Jones

Teams & Position: Giants & Browns WR

Years Active: 1964-1970

Mike Kadish

Team & Position: Bills DT

Years Active: 1973-1981

Joe Kapp

Teams & Position: Vikings & Patriots QB

Years Active: 1967-1970

Mark Kellar

Team & Position: Vikings RB

Years Active: 1976-1978

Marv Kellum

Teams & Position: Steelers & Cardinals LB

Years Active: 1974-1977

Frank Lasky

Team & Position: Giants OT

Years Active: 1964-1965

Bill Leavy

Role: NFL Official

Years Active: 1995-2014

Ronnie Lee

Teams & Position: Dolphins, Falcons & Seahawks OT & TE

Years Active: 1979-1992

Frank LeMaster

Team & Position: Eagles LB

Years Active: 1974-1982

Jessie Lemonier

Teams & Position: Chargers & Lions LB

Years Active: 2020-2021

Johnny Lujack

Teams & Position: Bears QB & Safety

Years Active: 1948-1951

1947 Heisman Trophy Winner

Ryan Mallett

Teams & Position: Patriots, Texans & Ravens QB

Years Active: 2011-2017

Brison Manor

Teams & Position: Broncos & Buccaneers DL

Years Active: 1977-1984

Paul Martha

Teams & Position: Steelers & Broncos Safety

Years Active: 1964-1970

Red McCombs

Role: Vikings Owner

Years Active: 1998-2005

Mardye McDole

Team & Position: Vikings WR

Years Active: 1981-1983

Don McIlhenny

Teams & Position: Lions, Packers, Cowboys & 49ers HB

Years Active: 1956-1961

Art McNally

Role: NFL Official; Supervisor of Officiating

Years Active: 1968-1990

Hall of Famer

Eddie Meador

Team & Position: Rams CB

Years Active: 1959-1970

5-Time All-Pro; 1960s All-Decade Team

Fred Miller

Team & Position: Colts DT

Years Active: 1963-1972

2-Time All-Pro

Randy Minniear

Teams & Position: Giants & Browns RB

Years Active: 1967-1970

Frank Molden

Teams & Position: Rams, Eagles & Giants DT

Years Active: 1965-1969

Henry Moore

Teams & Position: Giants & Colts DB & HB

Years Active: 1956-1957

Calvin Muhammad

Teams & Position: Raiders, Washington & Chargers WR

Years Active: 1982-1987

Scott Pelluer

Team & Position: Saints LB

Years Active: 1981-1985

Gary Pettigrew

Teams & Position: Eagles & Giants DT/DE

Years Active: 1966-1974

Craig Puki

Teams & Position: 49ers & Cardinals LB

Years Active: 1980-1982

Jerry Richardson

Teams & Position: Colts FL/HB

Years Active: 1959-1960

Panthers Owner: 1995-2018

George Rose

Teams & Position: Vikings & Saints CB

Years Active: 1964-1967

Tom Rychlec

Teams & Position: Lions, Bills & Broncos TE

Years Active: 1958-1963

Charlie Scales

Teams & Position: Steelers, Browns & Falcons RB

Years Active: 1960-1966

Kurt Schumacher

Teams & Position: Saints & Buccaneers OL

Years Active: 1975-1978

Steve Sidwell

Teams & Position: Saints, Oilers, Patriots & Seahawks Defensive Coordinator

Years Active: 1994-2002

Mickey Slaughter

Team & Position: Broncos QB

Years Active: 1963-1966

Chris Smith

Teams & Position: Jaguars, Bengals, Browns, Raiders & Texans DE

Years Active: 2014-2021

Ralph Smith

Teams & Position: Eagles, Browns & Falcons TE

Years Active: 1962-1969

Otis Taylor

Team & Position: Chiefs WR

Years Active: 1965-1975

2-Time All-Pro

Sidney Thornton

Team & Position: Steelers RB

Years Active: 1977-1982

Vince Tobin

Role: Cardinals Head Coach

Years Active: 1996-2000

Jim Turner

Teams & Position: Jets & Broncos Kicker

Years Active: 1964-1979

Matt Ulrich

Team & Position: Colts Guard

Years Active: 2005-2006

Charles White

Teams & Position: Browns & Rams RB

Years Active: 1980-1988

1979 Heisman Trophy Winner

Dave Wilcox

Team & Position: 49ers LB

Years Active: 1964-1974

4-Time All-Pro

Hall of Famer

Fred Willis

Teams & Position: Bengals & Oilers RB

Years Active: 1971-1976

Mike Williams

Teams & Position: Buccaneers & Bills WR

Years Active: 2010-2014

Ben Wilson

Teams & Position: Rams & Packers FB

Years Active: 1963-1967

Harry Wilson

Team & Position: Eagles RB

Years Active: 1967-1970

Stanley Wilson

Team & Position: Lions CB

Years Active: 2005-2007

Frank Wycheck

Teams & Position: Washington, Oilers & Titans TE

Years Active: 1993-2003

Devon Wylie

Teams & Position: Chiefs & Titans WR

Years Active: 2012-2013

Dave Young

Teams & Position: Giants, Bills & Colts TE

Years Active: 1981-1984

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