Rams’ Matthew Stafford on Leading His Young Talent and Cooper Kupp’s Status

Stafford also tackled his leadership role and issues that plagued the team last year.

Matthew Fanizza
August 2, 2023

In a new interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Training Camp Tour, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford addressed his leadership role, issues that plagued the team last year, and the chemistry he shares with star wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

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Leadership Role:

Heading into the 2023 NFL Season, Stafford’s shared that his passion for the game is as intense as ever. A “rest day” during training camp couldn’t keep him away from the action, as he eagerly embraced the role of a player-coach. “I hated that rest day… wanted to practice… I was in our trainer’s ear all day. He hated me yesterday. But I understand it. It’s part of it. They’re trying to look at all the data and do what’s best, but I wanted to be out there, and I’ll be out there today, which is great,” said Stafford.

“That’s part of my role, right? If I see something, I’m gonna go say something to somebody and try to help those guys out, been around for a little bit and see some things. So, just trying to lend a hand when I can and accelerate the learning curve for some of these young guys.”

Last Season:

Reflecting on last season’s challenges, including injuries that impacted the offensive line, Stafford remained optimistic about the Rams’ prospects. He spoke upon the difficulties faced in 2022, but hopes that better health and improved cohesion will create a more stable foundation for the Rams’ offensive unit. “I think the biggest thing last year that happened to us up front was just the injuries. I mean, that’s something that you can’t [control], it’s nobody’s fault, it just happened.,” said Stafford.

“So, just hoping that we can stay a little bit more healthy. I know those guys are doing everything they can to do that. It’s just sometimes luck of the draw.”

Cooper Kupp:

The rapport between Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp is central to the Rams’ offensive success. Their chemistry was on full display in the 2021 season when Kupp achieved over 1900 receiving yards. As they look to reunite for another campaign, pending the health of Cooper Kupp, both players are eager to rekindle that connection. “Yeah, it’s just a lot of work. That’s the hallmark of his career, who he is, what he’s about, and I feel like it’s the same for me,” said Stafford.

“So, it doesn’t start here in training camp. It started a couple of months ago as soon as he’s feeling good enough to go and I’m feeling good enough to go. We’re out there on the grass working together, talking through things, and then it’s been feeling like it’s pretty good the first couple of days of camp. So it’s kind of like riding a bike.”

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