Ralph Nader on Donald Trump: ‘He really is a pathological liar’

“Both parties get worse ever four years,” former presidential candidate Ralph Nader told Dean Obeidallah. “If it’s the lesser of two evils as the old saying goes, they’re both evil.”

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August 22, 2016

As summer vacation comes to an end and kids are heading back to school, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader is expressing concern for new phrases that might pop up on the playground.

“I think the worst part… is the degraded language that [Trump] used that is picked up by youngsters in this country,” Nader told Dean Obeidallah Friday. “You know we hear feedback that they’re using some of these phrases to their parents and to their siblings and that’s a very bad example to follow.”

“[Trump] really is a pathological liar,” Nader added.

Nader’s commentary echos a recent ad released by Hillary Clinton’s campaign that emphasized how “our children are watching” coverage of the campaign.

Though Nader expressed some similar thoughts as Clinton in terms of Trump’s use of profanity on the campaign trail, he offered equal criticism of the Democratic candidate’s “sleazy” actions, especially directed toward her unwillingness to release “secret transcripts” from closed-door meetings with bankers and big businesses.

“She’s on the verge of really getting away with it,” Nader emphasized, noting that the press has been quick to attack Trump for not releasing his tax returns but not to criticize Clinton over the transcripts.

“She’s now moving into what’s called a media quarantine bubble. It’s going to be harder and harder for reporters to ask her spontaneous questions,” Nader added.

As one of the most successful third party candidates in recent memory, Nader highlighted the importance of allowing the public to vote for members of the Green and Libertarian party.

“I think people should vote their conscious, people should for the candidate they believe in, the record they believe in,” Nader said. “Otherwise, people start surrendering to a two-party tyranny … so it’s like an extortion, and I think voters don’t like to be extorted.”

“If it’s the lesser of two evils as the old saying goes, they’re both evil, but more important once you signal to your lesser of two evil candidate, whether Republican or Democrat, you completely lose your bargaining power as a voter. And both parties get worse ever four years,” he said.

“If you don’t like the Republican Party, Trump is great, because he’s turning the Republican Party into the Trump dump.”

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