Pete Buttigieg Discusses Key Bridge Collapse, Anti-LGBTQ Laws, and More

The U.S. secretary of transportation joined Julie Mason for a SiriusXM Town Hall.

Matt Simeone
April 10, 2024

pete buttigieg siriusxm

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg joined host Julie Mason for a SiriusXM Town Hall on the POTUS channel. During the Town Hall, Buttigieg discussed U.S. transportation infrastructure, the Key Bridge collision and subsequent collapse, and America’s investment in the future of rail travel.

He also answered questions from the audience in SiriusXM’s Washington D.C. studios, including one about laws targeting LGBTQ youth. Watch the full Town Hall on the SiriusXM app with a subscription or three-month free trial.

Pete Buttigieg gives advice to LGBTQ youth

“The most important thing I would say to LGBTQ youth is: ‘You’re not alone,’” Buttigieg said. “You got a lot of people, including the president of the United States, who have your back. I wish I’d heard something like that when I was growing up in Indiana wondering if what I was still coming to terms with about myself would mean that I could never have a family, or a career in public service, or a chance to serve in the military, or a lot of other things.”

“Of course, that’s the beginning and not the end – the question is, ‘What are we doing about it?’” he added. “And it’s really important at a time like this to stand up to people who think there’s some political virtue or gain in targeting some of the most vulnerable people in this country. And think that they’re somehow better off by hurting people who are not hurting anybody else.”