ONEderland Plays Your Favorite One-Hit Wonders From the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s

Even though One-Hit Wonder Day is technically September 25, ONEderland celebrates 365 days a year.

September 1, 2022

They came, they sang, they conquered. Who are they? One-hit wonders. And we have a special app-exclusive channel dedicated to these one-and-done artists: ONEderland.

ONEderland on SiriusXM

How to listen

The ONEderland channel is available to stream anytime, anywhere on the SiriusXM app.

What you’ll hear

ONEderland plays only one-hit wonders, 24/7.

As their name suggests, one-hit wonder artists had one defining hit that topped the charts, but they never again reigned on the Top 40. And even though not all of these artists faded into obscurity (many went on to make great, non-chart-topping music), there’s something special about these instantly recognizable, insanely popular one-off songs. They take you back to a time, a place and a feeling. They bring us all together.

Follow us down a rabbit hole of one-hit wonder hits from the last four decades.

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Examples of one-hit wonders

Some of the chart-topping songs you’ll hear on ONEderland include:

  • Norman Greenbaum – “Spirit in the Sky” (1970)
  • Derek & The Dominos – “Layla” (1972)
  • The Knack – “My Sharona” (1979)
  • The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Men” (1983)
  • Men Without Hats – “The Safety Dance” (1983)
  • Bryan Ferry – “Kiss and Tell” (1988)
  • Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby” (1990)
  • Billy Ray Cyrus – “Achy Breaky Heart” (1992)
  • B*Witched – “C’est la Vie” (1999)
  • Eiffel 65 – “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” (2000)
  • Fountains of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom” (2003)
  • The Veronicas – “Untouched” (2009)