Meet Olivia Lane, Host of ‘The Olivia Lane Show’ on SiriusXM’s The Message

Country-turned-Christian artist Olivia Lane hosts ‘The Olivia Lane Show’ weekdays from 6am-12pm ET on SiriusXM’s The Message (Ch. 63).

Jackie Kolgraf
July 14, 2023

Singer-songwriter and TikTok sensation Olivia Lane hosts “The Olivia Lane Show” weekday mornings on our contemporary Christian channel, The Message (Ch. 63).

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The Olivia Lane Show

How to listen

“The Olivia Lane Show” airs on The Message (Ch. 63) every weekday from 6am–12pm ET, where Olivia shares songs and stories of encouragement along with the faith, hope, and music you and your family need.

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About Olivia Lane

The Message named Olivia “One to Watch in 2022” and was one of the first to break her song “Woman at the Well.” Her latest hit, “I Believe It Now,” is a duet with Sidewalk Prophets. She is currently in the studio working on her next faith-based project, due out later this year.

Based in Nashville, Olivia is known for documenting her own transformation from a non-believer to a faithful follower — or, as she calls it, “from atheist to amen” — in viral TikTok videos. Find out how she transitioned from country to Christian music and what artists she’s listening to now in the interview below.

Where are you from?

Originally from Houston, TX, and have lived in Nashville for the last 10 years.

What got you into Christian music?

Long story short, God found me in the middle of my quarter-life-crisis healing journey when I was a self-professed atheist.

In middle school, I remember going to a Christian summer camp with a bunch of friends, and one thing I distinctly remember is being obsessed with the contemporary Christian music that was played for those two weeks (specifically one song: “I Need You” by By The Tree I played on REPEAT). Even though at the time I didn’t really understand what I was singing about, I look back and see God planting tiny seeds throughout my life in his pursuit of my heart.

Now, pivoting my own music from country to faith-based, I’m enjoying catching up on so much music I’ve missed over the years! My very first intro into music, though, was my mother. She was a Texas regional country singer, so she exposed me to all kinds of music growing up.

What artists are you listening to right now?

As a songwriter myself, I enjoy diving into an artist’s complete bodies of work — so right now, I’m into Nichole Nordeman, We The Kingdom, Jonathan McReynolds, Steffany Gretzinger, Gaither Vocal Band, and Brandon Lake. Some classics, some contemporary!

Who should we look out for?

Maybe not who, but rather WHAT. There’s a new song by Cory Asbury called “Kind” that tackles the not-so-pretty parts of a faith walk presented in a more conversational singer/songwriter lyric and production, which excites me. Real stories in real songs that illuminate the very real reasons why we all desperately need Jesus are the kinds of songs that energize me.

What’s a fun fact about you?

My first paid gig was when I was in first grade where I was chosen as one of Oscar Meyer Wiener’s “Top 20 Cutest Kids in America” after I played my nose to the tune of “ohh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener.” I didn’t win the competition but I sure did enjoy getting a free trip to SeaWorld with my family!

Do you have any pets?

Proud floof mom to my beautiful chonky cat, Ruby.

What are some of your hobbies/what do you do for fun outside of this?

My husband and I love to travel and also plan out the restaurants we eat at while we are in new places. We are self-proclaimed foodies. Other than travel and food, I enjoy being on a boat, hiking, skiing, hitting a beginner hip-hop dance class every so often, and low-key hangs with my close friends and family.

What is a music-related hot take you are willing to die on a hill about?

The best songs on an artist’s album typically aren’t the most popular singles released from it.