Nick Chubb: Browns’ Healthy O-Line Ready for AFC ‘Blood Bath’

“He’s a big old guy, he’s huge… he’s a giant and it’s hard to get around him. It’s hard to get through him,” Chubb said of Jones.

Matthew Fanizza
August 8, 2023

In a recent interview during SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Training Camp Tour, Cleveland Browns’ running back Nick Chubb spoke on the team’s fully-intact offensive line, rookie tackle Dawand Jones, and the competitive AFC North division.

Chubb, entering his sixth year with the Browns, finished the 2022 season with 302 carries for 1,525 rushing yards and 12 rushing touchdowns to go along with 27 receptions for 239 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown.

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Browns Offensive

With the Browns’ offensive line returning fully intact, Chubb is excited about the team’s prospects. In previous years injuries had plagued the line, but this season all five starters are back, providing stability and experience that bodes well for the team’s performance.

“I love where we are right now. The guys up front having all five here going through camp, I feel like over the past few years, we had one guy out, one guy nicked up, you know, and the one guy not packing until season time,” said Chubb. “I think we’re definitely ahead of where we were in the last couple of years, and those guys are working hard up there.”

Dawand Jones

The running back also praised rookie tackle Dawand Jones, recognizing his physical prowess and potential for greatness. The young tackle’s presence adds depth to the offensive line and bolsters the team’s confidence in their ability to dominate in both the passing and running game.

“He’s a big old guy, he’s huge… he’s a giant and it’s hard to get around him. It’s hard to get through him,” Chubb said. “I mean, just how big he is and you know how physical he is. I mean, he has the potential to be really good.”

AFC North

Addressing the competitiveness of the AFC North division, Nick Chubb acknowledged the challenges that the Browns face. With strong teams like the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals, the division sets the stage for intense matchups throughout the season.

“It’s a blood bath… we all have great quarterbacks and all big and physical on defense. It’s always a challenge for us playing anyone in our division because they have stout defenses,” said Chubb. “I think within the first five weeks, we’ll see everybody and we’re looking forward to that.”

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