Mitch Morse Shares Insights on Buffalo Bills’ Offseason Preparations and Josh Allen

“There’s freak injuries and stuff, but if there is an opportunity to save a hit or save yourself for the next play, I think there’s a time and place.”

Matthew Fanizza
June 13, 2023

(AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)

Buffalo Bills’ starting center Mitch Morse recently joined SiriusXM NFL Radio to discuss various aspects of the team’s offseason preparations. Morse shed light on topics ranging from offensive line strategies to the collaboration between centers and quarterbacks.

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Morse delved into the offseason routine, sharing that the focus begins with mastering the fundamentals. Coached by Aaron Kromer, the Bills’ offensive line coach, the team spends time reviewing individual plays, discussing new concepts, and fine-tuning techniques. Morse emphasized the significance of building a solid foundation and how having continuity with the coaching staff helps players progress.

“You start with the individual plays that you’ve installed in the past, maybe new ones you’re installing, the concept of those… how you’re gonna maybe approach double teams, the footwork.”

Expanding on the relationship between players and coaches, Morse acknowledged that not all athletes move the same way or possess the same strengths. Good line coaches, according to Morse, understand these individual differences and strike a balance between adhering to their preferred techniques and allowing players to perform within their comfort zones. This collaboration helps the team work cohesively and maximize their efficiency.

“For the most part, I think good o-line coaches understand that each individual is gonna move differently and have different strengths. That being said, they’re not gonna let you go completely off script, right? They’re not gonna let you go off the farm.” Morse continued, “So it’s really kind of finding that balance of doing the most you can into the realm of and the scope of what they want.”

Moving to the growth of quarterback Josh Allen, Mitch Morse discussed how Allen’s approach to certain plays might be a bit different in the upcoming season. Coming up on year six, Morse touched on the risk versus reward for gaining that extra yard.

“I think he understands that he’s not invincible out there, even with just kind of how much of an outstanding athlete he is and how durable he is.” Morse continued, “There’s freak injuries and stuff, but if there is an opportunity to save a hit or save yourself for the next play, I think there’s a time and place. That being said he is who he is because of how he plays and his tenacity, and we don’t want to take that away from the guy.”

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