Matt Ryan Talks Potential Return to NFL and Transition to Broadcasting

“You never know, I’ve tried to keep all doors open,” Ryan said. “We all know this league is crazy, and there’s a lot of things that can happen in the course of the season.”

Matthew Fanizza
May 19, 2023

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Veteran NFL quarterback and newly appointed CBS Sports NFL analyst Matt Ryan recently joined Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on SiriusXM NFL Radio‘s The SiriusXM Blitz. Their conversation revolved around Ryan’s decision to transition into broadcasting and his thoughts on the possibility of returning to the field.

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Matt Ryan’s Decision to Join CBS

Reflecting on his experience as a guest analyst during the playoffs last year, Ryan enjoyed being in the studio, discussing football and getting on air. He considered the opportunity presented by CBS as a perfect fit, providing him with a chance to explore the broadcasting side of the sport.

“The opportunity that [CBS] presented me with for next season, where it’s a combination of doing some games and getting in the studio and doing some work there, just seemed like a good fit and I’m excited about that.”

The Potential Return to Play

Moving on to the possibility of returning to play, Ryan emphasized the need for the right situation. While he didn’t rule out the idea, he acknowledged the factors that would have to align for him to consider coming out of retirement. His decision to stay in shape and maintain his readiness stems from his belief in never shutting doors and being prepared for any situation that may arise.

“You never know, I’ve tried to keep all doors open. We all know this league is crazy, and there’s a lot of things that can happen in the course of the season.”

Reflecting on his Career and Transition

As Matt Ryan enters a new phase of his football journey, he acknowledged that this offseason feels different since he is not part of an active football team. It stirred mixed emotions within him.

“It’s definitely different. I think, as you start to see OTAs, guys out on the practice field, that part is strange for sure.”

While Ryan will miss the physical aspect of the game and the grind of the season, he expressed excitement about staying involved in the sport.

“I’m excited that, in a different way, I’m still around it and able to do a lot of the things that I’ve always enjoyed, like watching film and observing different teams.”

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