Listen to Lithium’s ‘Memorial Day Music Video Top 50 Countdown’ This Weekend

Tune in to hear the fan-voted countdown all Memorial Day weekend long.

April 18, 2024

You voted in Lithium’s “Memorial Day Music Video Top 50 Countdown,” and now it’s time to hear the results. Tune in to hear Madison, Grant Random, Kat Corbett, Hardy, Mark Hamilton, and Dave Holmes present the 50 top songs in order starting Friday, May 24.

Broadcast Schedule:
May 24 at 4pm ET
May 25 at 12am ET
May 25 at 12pm ET
May 25 at 8pm ET
May 26 at 8am ET
May 26 at 5pm ET
May 27 at 10am ET
May 27 at 9pm ET

Directions: Select up to 10 songs from the poll below through Friday, May 10.