Travel back in time for the top 13 kid-friendly throwbacks

The ‘Throwback Thirteen’ is revisiting the top kids’ songs of yesteryear on Kids Place Live.

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February 25, 2020

Forget 30 Under 30 lists — Kids Place Live‘s 13 Under 13 is compiling a feel-good special for the whole family, whether those tuning in are 3 or 13 (or even just 13 Going on 30). And in keeping with that early 2000s nostalgia, Kids Place Live (Ch. 78) is going back in time with music everyone can enjoy during an all-new Throwback Thirteen show.

Not unlike the weekly 13 Under 13 countdown, the Throwback Thirteen also celebrates the biggest kids’ songs around. However, in this monthly show, host Jack Forman steps out of the Monkey House and into his time machine as he walks listeners through a playlist of the top kid-friendly hits of yesteryear. If the promise of childlike sentimentality wasn’t already enough, the premiere show will be returning to January 2002, when 13 Under 13 made its debut on the channel back when it was simply called “XMKids.” While January 2002 was a landmark month for the channel formerly known as XMKids, it also served as the three-month anniversary of the inaugural Kidz Bop album and its subsequent domination of youth music charts with covers of hits like “Oops…I Dit it Again” and “Livin’ La Vida Loca.” From covers to originals, this baker’s dozen of children’s bops is sure to serve as a solid walk down memory lane and the perfect soundtrack to any family fun.

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