Keep Steve Aoki’s brand-new channel going all night on SiriusXM

Hear bass-bumping remixes, handpicked dance favorites, and more when Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio drops on February 3 at 12pm ET.

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February 3, 2021

Rage the night away as DJ and producer Steve Aoki takes the reins on his all-new channel, Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio.

Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio will feature Aoki curating and playing dance remixes of the top pop and dance hits, his own original tracks, and selections of his favorite songs. The new channel will air Steve Aoki’s Remix Rewind, where Aoki handpicks his favorite five remixes of the week, and Aoki’s House, his weekly mix show. Two-time GRAMMY Award-nominated DJ/producer, Dim Mak Records founder, fashion designer, author, and entrepreneur Steve Aoki stands as one of the most successful American cross-genre artists, solidified via dozens of multi-platinum releases, multiple awards, billions of music and video streams, and innovative cross-platform projects.

“I am so excited to announce the launch of my first digital channel, Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio, on SiriusXM. I’ve always loved how a remix is an opportunity for an artist to put their own creative spin on a track they love, and I’m stoked to be able to team up with SiriusXM to give these remixes a platform of their own,” Aoki said.

Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio is launching alongside Armin van Buuren’s A State of Armin, born out of another longtime, fan-favorite partnership. The launch of both new dance channels further expands SiriusXM’s relationships with Armin van Buuren and Steve Aoki. Armin van Buuren has hosted a weekly show, A State of Sundays, on SiriusXM for over 10 years. Steve Aoki has hosted a weekly show, Steve Aoki’s Remix Rewind, on SiriusXM’s BPM channel for the past seven years.

Beginning February 3, Pandora will also debut two companion playlists, A State of Armin and Steve Aoki’s Remix Radar, featuring a selection of tracks spinning on their SiriusXM channels, plus some of their most popular music streaming on Pandora.