Celebrate 15 Years of Kanye’s ‘Graduation’ With His Music and Commentary on Pop2K

All week long, Pop2K is celebrating Kanye West ‘Graduation’ with hits from his album and his archival interview with SiriusXM.

Matt Simeone
September 9, 2022

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15 years — that’s how long Graduation’s been on ya.

Way before Kanye West changed his name to Ye, the music legend dropped 2007’s Graduation. Graduating from his previous soulful hip-hop tracks to more electronic- and stadium-sounding songs, Kanye’s third album represented a departure for the rapper-producer and was his most personal to date. The quintuple-platinum Graduation, like other Kanye albums, is considered one of the greatest records in music history. And starting this weekend, Pop2K (Ch. 10) is giving the 2000s hip-hop King a special “homecoming” celebration.Tune in to Pop2K (Ch. 10) from Sunday, September 11 — the 15th anniversary of the release of Graduation — through the rest of the week as we play music from the album and re-air Kanye’s 2007 interview with SiriusXM. Throughout the week, you’ll hear hits like  “Stronger,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and “Flashing Lights,” plus commentary from Kanye. Hear clips from Kanye’s interview below, and start listening to Pop2K now.

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Graduation Tracklist

1. Good Morning
2. Champion
3. Stronger
4. I Wonder
5. Good Life
6. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
7. Barry Bonds
8. Drunk And Hot Girls
9. Flashing Lights
10. Everything I Am
11. The Glory
12. Homecoming
13. Big Brother