Saints’ Juwan Johnson Draws Parallels Between Derek Carr and Drew Brees

The tight end is enthusiastic about New Orleans’ new offense.

Matthew Fanizza
June 27, 2023

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

In a recent interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio‘s The Opening Drive with Solomon Wilcots and Shane Vereen, New Orleans Saints tight end Juwan Johnson shared his enthusiasm for the team’s new offense under quarterback Derek Carr.

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Carr-Brees Connection:

During the interview, Johnson expressed his admiration for Carr’s leadership and poise in the huddle. Johnson marveled at how Carr effortlessly commanded the offense, comparing him to former Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Having spent years observing Brees in action, Johnson recognized the same qualities in Carr, generating a sense of familiarity and confidence among the players. The way Carr carries himself in the huddle and earns the respect of his teammates is reminiscent of the Saints’ former offensive leader.

“He’s giving me a lot of Drew [Brees], going into the huddle, committing the huddle, the guys gravitating to him,” Johnson said “These are things I’ve seen how Drew conducted the huddle, how Drew conducted the offense and things like that. So, it’s given me similar feels.”

Offensive Potential:

Johnson further emphasized the potential of the Saints’ offense under Carr’s guidance. Having played in different systems throughout his career, Carr brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Johnson mentioned Carr’s past experiences with notable offensive minds like Josh McDaniels and Jon Gruden, hinting at the diverse skill set he brings to the Saints’ playbook. The addition of Carr to an already talented offensive roster has Johnson eager to witness the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

“He’s been in an offense where he’s had Josh McDaniels [and] Jon Gruden… so he has a lot of that he can bring over to our offense,” said Johnson. “We have a lot of, pieces on our offense to which I think he’s probably never had before and so I feel like that’s something that he could use a little bit.”

Pete Carmichael:

Pete Carmichael, the Saints’ offensive coordinator, also received high praise from Johnson. He commended Carmichael’s tireless efforts during the offseason, highlighting the innovative concepts incorporated into the playbook. Johnson revealed his excitement about the new plays and formations Carmichael introduced, some of which he had never encountered before. With a wealth of knowledge gained from his years under Sean Payton, Carmichael is primed to make a significant impact on the team’s success.

“Pete’s been working his tail off this offseason. We got some stuff in there. I’m like Pete, ‘I’ve never seen it before but I like it.'” Johnson continued, “He’s been behind Sean [Payton] for so long and so he’s learned a lot and now he’s ready to blow up now.”

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