Jana Kramer responds to rumors about quitting music

Is Jana Kramer done with country music? Chatting with Storme Warren, Jana responds to rumors and clarifies her comments about Nashville.

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July 10, 2017

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Except for this. Jana Kramer is absolutely not done with country music. Talking to Storme Warren from The Highway, Jana blames a blog site for the confusion, “they completely put words in my mouth.”

During an interview she talked about leaving her label and shifting focus to music she wanted to record. Another blog, taking the comments out of context, fueled rumors that Jana really meant she was “done with Nashville.”

Jana explained, “sometimes I felt like Nashville wanted to put me in a box.” The changes come about as Jana left her label and has new music on the way. And as for the city of Nashville itself, “I live in Nashville, I love Nashville, I have a beautiful house in Nashville, I’m just going to be doing the songs that I’m picking for myself.”

Hear the full interview below: