Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day with Season 3 of the award-winning ‘Black Diamonds’ series

Hosted by Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick, Season 3 explores integration, the forces that created baseball’s segregation and more.

Jackie Kolgraf
April 15, 2022

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SiriusXM’s award-winning Black Diamonds podcast series has returned for a second season on the eve of Jackie Robinson Day. Listeners can celebrate the 75th anniversary of Robinson breaking the Major League Baseball color barrier by listening to the debut episode of Season 3 on the SXM App now.

WdddwWhat You’ll Hear

Hosted by Negro Leagues Baseball Museum president and historian Bob Kendrick, Season 3 of the podcast explores integration, the forces that created baseball’s segregation and the people who fought to tear those barriers down. Black Diamonds showcases the history of the Negro Leagues, highlighting the players, people and events that shaped them, as well as spotlighting the leagues’ achievements and innovations during a time of segregation and inequality.

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Sports Podcast of the Year

Previous seasons examined the history of major players like Oscar Charleston, Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige, and important figures like Rube Foster, Effa Manley, Buck O’Neil and many more. The series was named Best Sports Podcast at Adweek’s 2021 Podcast of the Year Awards.

Jackie Robinson Day

Each year on April 15, Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson’s legacy with Jackie Robinson Day. On that day in 1947, Robinson made his debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first Black MLB player, launching an inspiring and historic career and marking the end of racial segregation in pro baseball that had kept Black players in the Negro Leagues since the late 1800s. Robinson’s number, 42, was retired throughout the Majors in 1997, and since 2009, all players and personnel celebrate his legacy by wearing number 42 on April 15 games.

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