Hear daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings On Demand on SiriusXM

Daily press briefings from The White House Coronavirus Task Force will now be available on SiriusXM On Demand and under the ‘Podcasts’ section on Pandora.

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SiriusXM Editor
March 26, 2020

Since last week, listeners have been able to catch up on press briefings from the White House Coronavirus Task Force On Demand. These daily briefings are available via SiriusXM’s streaming platform and app on Channel 121, as well as under the Podcasts section on Pandora. Hear the Wednesday, March 25 broadcast — as well as all future briefings — On Demand now as part of the channel’s continued around-the-clock coronavirus coverage.

With an interest in providing on-demand access to the latest information shared by our nation’s leaders and top medical experts at any time, SiriusXM is enabling listeners to hear the latest updates from President Trump, Vice President Pence, and the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force. In the coming days, there will be an announcement regarding the availability of additional press briefings led by state government officials.

For even more updates on the ever-evolving COVID-19 crisis, be sure to tune in to Doctor Radio (Ch. 110) as experts across the medical field provide advice on coping with the virus, avoiding illness, managing anxiety, and much more.