Gilmore Girls star Matt Czuchry says those final four words are ‘an opportunity’ for fans

“There’s still fans out there who feel divisive about Logan, but if I’ve got one fan who I turn in you, then ah!” Matt Czuchry told Larry Flick on Entertainment Weekly Radio.

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December 1, 2016

Although true Gilmore Girls fans would have finished Netflix’s four-part revival by now, here’s a giant SPOILER ALERT for those with the technological prowess of an old-timer at the Stars Hollow Gazette: Those long-awaited final four words are …



“I’m pregnant.”

Odds are Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) baby-to-be was conceived during her tryst with college boyfriend Logan (Matt Czuchry), who happens to be engaged to a French heiress. (Yeah, we’re not even going to acknowledge the Paul theory.) But on 1-on-1 with Larry Flick, Czuchry played coy about the daddy’s identity, insisting it’s not his story to tell — he leaves that to creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, if she decides to write more.

“How do you feel about everybody having an opinion about where Logan fits in those final four words?” Flick asked.

Czuchry said he’s “not surprised” by viewers’ intense reactions after witnessing “overwhelming” Team Logan vs. Team Jess vs. Team Dean fervor during Gilmore Girls’ last three seasons.

“That was a process for me personally to go through, but now having done The Good Wife for seven years and now done this, I’m not surprised at those fans of how they feel about Logan or those last four words or the intensity of the fan base, because I’m more experienced personally and professionally,” he explained. “So for me, it’s not a surprise at all, and I kind of love it that fans are getting a chance to debate this. … I just love that fans are having this opportunity because it’s something that they’ve wanted since 2007, the end of the original series.”

More importantly, Czuchry may have succeeded in drafting Flick to Logan’s side.

“I’m so happy I got the redemption!” he said, laughing. “I’m going to go out and celebrate because I feel like when I came last time, [Flick said] ‘You hurt my Rory, you hurt my Rory.'”

“I think it’s like, Matt ‘You Hurt My Rory’ Czuchry,'” Flick joked, apologizing if he came off too harsh defending Rory against a younger Logan’s playboy ways.

“No, no, no, I love it that we get to come full circle like this,” Czuchry said. “And there’s still fans out there who feel divisive about Logan, but if I’ve got one fan who I turn in you, then ah!”

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