Find out how the coronavirus is impacting the economy with exclusive SiriusXM specials

Keep up with market developments and more during the rapidly-evolving coronavirus crisis on Business Radio (Ch. 132).

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March 27, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t just affecting sports, safety, and social lives, it’s also having a large impact on stocks. SiriusXM’s Business Radio (Ch. 132) is dedicated to sharing news, updates, projections, and more on the ever-changing state of the financial sector with its around-the-clock programming and specials. To investigate the effects of COVID-19, Business Radio has been interviewing experts in their respective fields to share insight, ranging from James Beard Award-winning chefs to astronauts. See details below and tune in to Business Radio live to keep up with economic developments.

Depression or recession?

Behind the Markets, which provides expert analysis of market performance to help drive businesses, hosted a live show with James Bullard, President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank. Bullard spoke with hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Jeremy Siegel about the Trump administration’s efforts to help the economy recover, as well as looking forward to the future to project whether he sees a depression or just a recession on the horizon (and how long it could last). Catch it when it airs On Demand via Business Radio.

Bailouts and takeout

This week, Wharton Business Daily — your resource for the business world’s most pressing stories — hosted three diverse guests to provide an inside look into how the current crisis is impacting their industries. Peter Pitts, the former Associate Commissioner of the FDA and current President and Co-Founder of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, covered the pharmaceutical world, including the FDA’s role in the search for a coronavirus vaccine. Celebrity Chef Jose Garces also joined the show to shed some light on how the restaurant industry is adapting to present stay-at-home measures that are sweeping the nation and what that means for your favorite eateries’ cash flow. Finally, the former Special Inspector General of the historic $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in 2008, Neil Barofsky, offered insight on what to expect during the upcoming bailout with regard to the recently-passed stimulus bill. Hear it all On Demand below.

Hip to be Square

The push to limit person-to-person contact has created a larger emphasis on contactless — or at least cashless — payment for essential businesses. Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Square (a leading resource in businesses’ point of sale systems for mobile and credit card payment processing), called in to share his thoughts on what the coronavirus outbreak means for both Square and commerce in general, as well as discuss his new book, Innovation Stack. From a medical perspective, Penn Medicine Dean Larry Jameson — who has been vocal in his support of social distancing and reduced-contact measures — joined Wharton Business Daily to share his own insight on all things coronavirus and suggestions for striking an ideal balance that both saves lives and develops strategies for rectifying the longer-term financial effects. Both segments (and other analysis) can be heard On Demand.

You need some space

With social distancing and working from home becoming the norm, it can be hard to cope with all of this newfound alone time. Next week, former Colonel of the U.S. Air Force and current NASA Astronaut and International Space Station Commander Terry Virts will be calling Wharton Business Daily with his tips on working in isolation. Take notes when he joins the show at 10:45am ET on Tuesday, March 31.