Dave Ramsey shares the simple secret to budgeting your money

Dave recommends making a zero-based budget. So, what’s that mean?

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May 1, 2017

Dave Ramsey’s Best Tip for Winning With Money

Winning with money isn’t about wishful thinking. It’s about taking action.

Financial expert Dave Ramsey says the secret to winning with money is simple. All you have to do is create a written game plan.

That’s it!

When you start having a written plan for your money, you’ll feel like you got a raise. There’s just something about telling your money what to do instead of wondering where it went.

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How to Make Your Plan

Dave recommends making a zero-based budget. So, what’s that mean? It’s when your income minus your outgo (all your monthly savings, bills, payments and investments) equals zero. Don’t let this task overwhelm you. There’s actually an easy-to-use app for it!

EveryDollar is a free budget app that makes creating your budget fast and convenient by tallying up the numbers for you. No math required!


Simply plug in what you plan to spend each month in order of importance. Start with the basics like giving, savings and life’s essentials. Then fill in your fun categories (like restaurants and clothing) with the cash you have left over. The app makes it easy to keep track of how much you’re spending by allowing you to drag and drop your expenses into your budget. With these key features, winning with money is at your fingertips.

Millions of people are already saving money, getting out of debt, and hitting their financial goals with EveryDollar. The formula is simple, but it works: Budget to zero, track your spending, and adjust as needed. That’s how you win with an EveryDollar budget! Make yours today!

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