Explore the hilarity of love during an all-new show on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio

Starting on December 11, Chris Spencer and Vanessa Rodriguez will unpack some of love’s most burning questions with a side of humor every Friday night.

Jackie Kolgraf
October 24, 2022

Update: The Date Night Hosts have left the SiriusXM family but we continue to wish them the best. We thank them for their work at SiriusXM.

“Live, laugh, love” isn’t just for kitschy suburban home decor anymore. Join Chris Spencer and Vanessa Rodriguez as they unpack the (sometimes unintended) hilarity of dating and remind themselves that successful relationships all have a common denominator: love. Every Friday at 7pm ET on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio (Ch. 96), Date Night with Chris and Vanessa will celebrate the one night of the week when Chris and Vanessa go on a date with friends and put everything out on the table.

Date Night with Chris and Vanessa invites couples (and sometimes single folks) on a fun date to explore issues everyone faces in relationships and family life. It’s the intersection of Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, but with less-PG topics. The show lives at the intersection of comedy and expert insight to delve deep into the complexities of relationships, blending newsworthy issues, thought-provoking ideas, and humor with a purpose.

Chris went from being a full-time actor and stand-up comedian to becoming a full-time writer and producer. Vanessa, a talented casting director, was and is also very involved in social justice and education advocacy. After several years, she also had the itch to write and produce. The two for a long time avoided working together, wanting to keep church and state separate, but eventually Vanessa would come up with an idea that he could not say no to. That idea was Date Night with Chris and Vanessa.

In addition to Date Night with Chris and Vanessa, Laugh Out Loud continues to expand its audio slate on SiriusXM with the debut of two new shows: The Ladies Room with Jazzya roundtable-style program led by comedian and actor Jasmin Brown alongside four of her closest (and most hilarious) friends, Natalie Friedman, Briana Lawrence, Renita Woodland, and Kiya Roberts; and Comedy Gold Mindswhich will feature Kevin Hart in conversation with fellow top comics, including one of the biggest names in comedy history, Jerry Seinfeld, as the inaugural guest.

“I’m sitting down with some of the best voices in comedy to give my listeners the stories behind the jokes they hear on stage. Comedians have been through it all, and I’m excited that I’ll be digging deep into the lives of my peers for my first podcast,” Chairman of Laugh Out Loud and Comedy Gold Minds host Hart said. “I also think our fans will love the slate of new LOL programming on SiriusXM and can’t wait to introduce audiences to the dynamic talents of Jazzy, Chris, and Vanessa.”

Known for its unfiltered, relatable, and hilarious content, Laugh Out Loud’s expanded audio slate continues to push forward the company’s mission of “getting the world laughing together” through authentic and culturally relevant series that showcase innovative and groundbreaking multicultural voices moving the needle forward in comedy.

“At Laugh Out Loud, audio has been a key area of growth for us. Through our relationship with SiriusXM and presence across their multi-platform ecosystem (SiriusXM satellite radio and streaming, Pandora, and Stitcher) we’ve been able to continue expanding our audio business to meet the demands of listeners,” Thai Randolph, President and Chief Operating Officer of Laugh Out Loud, said. “We’re committed to our mission to deliver comedy in color whenever, wherever and however our audience wants to laugh. Through our expansion with SiriusXM we are able to create more dynamic audio experiences via radio shows, podcasts, special listening events and more.”

Comedy Gold MindsThe Ladies Room, and Date Night join Laugh Out Loud Radio’s lineup of wildly popular shows, including Quake’s House and Straight From The Hart, which is one of Pandora’s top podcasts across all genres. The full original content slate is below, and more information can be found online at SiriusXM.com/KevinHart.