Re-Injured Cooper Kupp Leaves Training Camp After Sharing Excitement to Return

Kupp, who missed 8 games last season, left the field unexpectedly yesterday.

Matthew Fanizza
August 2, 2023

Cooper Kupp, the standout wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, spoke with SiriusXM NFL Radio during their Training Camp Tour on his motivation to return to the field after recovering from an injury that sidelined him for part of the previous season. The Rams wide receiver suffered a high ankle sprain, missing the final eight games of 2022. He is also currently missing training camp practices after a hamstring injury on August 1, but hopes to return for scrimmages.

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Setting an Example for Younger Players

Upon returning to the field after a lengthy recovery period, Cooper Kupp expressed his delight at being back in action. When asked about his motivations for the upcoming season, Kupp humbly acknowledged that he sees himself as a role model for the younger players and strives to set a positive example in terms of work ethic and professionalism.

“Yeah, I don’t think the motivation changes too much. I mean, you take each year as it is, and at the end of the day, I know why I play this game,” said Kupp. “Being able to be in here with a bunch of younger guys, being able to be an example for the guys in terms of how we go about our business… if we can call some guys up into that, I think we’ve got a chance to do something pretty cool.”

Kupp’s Leadership Style

The Rams have experienced significant changes since their Super Bowl LVI appearance, with only a few starters remaining from that successful team. Kupp spoke about the transition the team is undergoing and the responsibility he feels to adapt his leadership style accordingly.

“I don’t think there’s any more of a responsibility, maybe more of an emphasis on being able to be vocal when it’s needed. It’s never really been me in terms of my leadership style,” said Kupp. “I’ve been a show-you-how-it’s-done thing. But I think as you kind of get older in this league, there is a point where you have to be vocal and be able to, you’ll call guys up to a certain standard.”

Kupp and Matthew Stafford

Cooper Kupp and quarterback Matthew Stafford have a natural chemistry on the field, but they are aware that defenses will attempt to adjust their coverage to counter their effectiveness. Kupp highlighted the importance of communication between them, especially in understanding the defensive patterns they will encounter.

“There’s definitely defenses that are going to change. They’re going to try to take things away, and even just the looks … The patterns we’re going to see are going to be different,” said Kupp. “I think as, we go through this stuff and we’ve got a natural chemistry, but I think there’s some stuff where we just dial in.”

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