Vote for Your Top 1973 Albums, Then Hear Your Choices on Classic Vinyl’s ‘50 Albums Turning 50′

1973 was a groundbreaking year for new musical releases — but what were your favorite albums?

Jackie Kolgraf
November 7, 2023

Looking back, 1973 was a groundbreaking year for new musical releases. To commemorate that magic, Classic Vinyl (Ch. 26) is counting down Classic Vinyl’s 50 Albums Turning 50, as voted by you… here! The LPs are listed below and appear in randomized order, different for every voter.

Hear the countdown when it premieres on Classic Vinyl (Ch. 26) on November 22 at 11am ET.

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Directions: Vote once for up to 20 of your favorite albums in the poll below before 11:59pm ET on November 19, 2023.

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