Celebrate National Doctors’ Day with SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio

SiriusXM is paying tribute to the United States’ doctors as these medical heroes continue to work tirelessly to save the lives of others.

Matt Simeone
March 30, 2020

Today is National Doctors’ Day, and SiriusXM is honoring the United States’ physicians as they continue to save lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Established in 1990, National Doctors’ Day takes place in the country every March 30 and, throughout the day, Doctor Radio (Ch. 110) is giving you the chance to hear from world-class doctors at NYU Langone Health who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines in the fight against coronavirus. You’ll get around-the-clock updates on the virus, as well as expert advice on navigating the crisis. Click the button below to stream Doctor Radio and hear exclusive On Demand specials on COVID-19 now.

Plus, don’t miss tomorrow‘s episode of Doctor Radio Reports — Coronavirus: What You Need to Know Now at 2pm ET, during which you can once again submit questions to Dr. Marc Siegel and his co-hosts via a Facebook Live post here starting at noon ET.