Honor Black Voices and Stories with a Podcast Collection for Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and these podcasts celebrate Black voices and stories all year long.

Jackie Kolgraf
February 17, 2023

This Black History Month, celebrate Black culture with Black voices and stories, honoring both history makers and new creators and cultural innovators. With SiriusXM’s collection of Black History Month podcasts, hear from celebrities like Brandon Marshall, Stephen A. Smith, LeVar Burton, Oprah, and Bomani Jones. Learn about the stories of baseball’s Negro Leagues, actress and singer Pam Grier’s on- and off-screen fights against the system, the aftermath of the Civil War, and more.

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All Music Is Black Music

SiriusXM and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture present All Music Is Black Music, a podcast that explores how African American music and culture have shaped the wider contemporary music landscape.


Black Diamonds

SiriusXM and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum present Black Diamonds, hosted by museum president and historian Bob Kendrick and showcasing the history of the Negro Leagues. Listeners will hear the stories of baseball legends like Jackie Robinson, Oscar Charleston, Josh Gibson, and Satchel Paige, and important figures like Rube Foster, Effa Manley, Buck O’Neil, and many more.


History is US

Written and narrated by award-winning author and Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, History is US is a six-part audio documentary that asks questions about who we are as a nation and what race might reveal about our current crisis. Through the voices of distinguished historians and scholars, this limited series gives listeners the background and education to understand how we got here and how we can all use history to clarify the choices before us.


I Am Athlete

I Am Athlete is a media company focused on the intersection of business, entertainment , music, and sports founded by former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Marshall hosts the I Am Athlete podcast with Adam “Pacman” Jones, LeSean “Shady” McCoy, and special guests to create athlete-led content that resembles a “locker room”— a safe space for athletes and celebrities to tell their stories and have a voice while feeling comfortable amongst one another.


Into America

Into America is a show about being Black in America. These stories explore what it means to hold truth to power and this country to its promises. Told by people who have the most at stake.


Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith knows mercy… when it’s warranted. On Know Mercy, Smith will give you his straight-shooter point of view beyond the world of sports, breaking barriers and pulling back the curtain on politics, entertainment, and business. You’ll hear his unfiltered opinions on front-page news and pertinent cultural events, as well as interviews with outspoken celebrities and thought leaders across the societal arena.


LeVar Burton Reads

The best short fiction, handpicked by the best voice in podcasting. In every episode of LeVar Burton Reads, host LeVar Burton invites you to take a break from your daily life, and dive into a great story. LeVar’s narration blends with gorgeous soundscapes to bring stories by Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury and more to life.


Notes From America

Notes from America with Kai Wright is a show about the unfinished business of our history and its grip on our future.


The Plot Thickens

For the fourth season of The Plot Thickens, listen to the story of Pam Grier as only she can tell it. Her overnight stardom, her iconic roles, her fights against the system. It’s a story of bravery, both onscreen and off. It’s a story about race in Hollywood and race in America. And it’s a story about how real life is a lot messier than the movies.


Pod Save The People

Organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson explores news, culture, social justice, and politics with analysis from Kaya Henderson, De’Ara Balenger, and others. Then he sits down for deep conversations with experts, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders.


Super Soul

Awaken, discover, and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you with Oprah’s Super Soul. Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, and spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.


The Right Time with Bomani Jones

Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and more, with your comments on Mondays, friends of the show on Wednesdays, and Domonique Foxworth on Fridays.


Vibe Check

A weekly podcast where Sam Sanders, Saeed Jones, and Zach Stafford make sense of what’s going on in news and culture — and how it all feels. Vibe Check is your favorite group chat, come to life.