Bevy Smith’s top 10 Radio Andy moments

Bevy Smith has chatted with A-listers from Lee Daniels to Kate Hudson.

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April 19, 2017

Radio Andy hosts are never coy about sharing their thoughts on pop culture and current events, but there’s one silky-smooth voice who stands out: Bevy Smith.

The sassy and savvy businesswoman turned media personality spills tea every weekday on Bevelations, and she won’t hesitate to give celebrities a good read.

Below, check out Smith’s picks for her Top 10 juiciest interviews.

1. Grace Jones

The superstar admitted she was angry when famed milliner Philip Treacy helped Lady Gaga copy her look. “Think about this, Miss Grace Jones. She cannot hula-hoop while singing,” Smith said. “I bet you she’s rehearsing right know,” Jones joked.

2. Tyler Perry

“I was telling my stories, and I think that every artist should have a right, no matter what race, to tell the story that they want to tell,” the prolific filmmaker told Smith about the critique that he doesn’t represent all people of color in his work. “I’m a Southern boy, grew up with Southern folks that are country as hell, and those are the people that I love and I want to talk about.”

3. Dean Cain 

Smith and the former Superman debated gun control in in the aftermath of 2016’s armed standoff on an Oregon wildlife refuge between militants and law enforcement.  “I don’t believe the Second Amendment is just to have enough muskets,” he said. “I believe it’s there to protect against a tyrannical government.”

4. Tituss Burgess 

During their date exploring Harlem’s hot spots, the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor discussed adapting the 1996 movie The Preacher’s Wife into a musical. “I’m finding more and more that I am enjoying being behind the scenes when it comes to theater than I am being on stage,” he said.

5. Pharrell Williams

The producer/singer guested on the first-ever episode of Bevelations and said the success of Happy made him realize the impact of his music. Fun fact: Smith starred in the music video! “You made me a 47-year-old video vixen, so thank you!” she said.

6. Lee Daniels

The Empire creator defended his “ride-or-die,” diva Mariah Carey: “She is very fragile, you know? And she has been through a lot. She has been used, she has been abused.”

7. Wendy Williams

The no-holds-barred talk show host insisted there’s no celeb she regrets dissing. “My life, my 52 years, is a totality of exactly who I am today, and I’m really happy with her,” she said. “And if I had to break a few eggs to make this omelette, so be it.”

8. Milo Ventimiglia 

Smith crowned the This Is Us star an official sex symbol. “I’m not uncomfortable with it. I think what I try and do is represent what men could be, which is kind, which is giving, which is not a push-over,” he said. “Just be a strong man. Be a good man. Contribute to the world instead of taking away from it.”

9. Sandra Bernhard 

It was a very Radio Andy Thanksgiving when Smith and Sandyland’s Sandra Bernhard co-hosted a crossover episode for the holiday.

10. Kate Hudson

Did the actress really hook up with heartthrob pop star Nick Jonas? “We’re friends,” she said with a laugh. “I don’t like addressing these things. I’ve got two babies, I’ve got two kids … I’ve got to be mindful of my family.”

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